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Conservative Americans: We Must Not Only Recognize the Truth, But Stand Up for It

Awhile back, Ann Coulter said this about Law and Order: Special Victims Unit:  “The scripts involve the sort of real-life crimes that are a lot more common since our country has become ‘diverse,’ such as child rape and incest.  But the child-rapists are never diverse, as they are in real life.  No, the perps are always blond, blue-eyed American men.  In fact, the modern American white male is the least rapey, most gentle, protective, chivalrous creature God has ever created.”

This has been obvious to anyone interested in the truth for, oh, 50 years or thereabouts.  People who can think follow facts to logical, reasonable conclusions.  They don’t try to force-fit reality to a template, especially an ideological template that doesn’t match what’s going on in a given situation.  For too long, we have hamstrung our police with strictures against “profiling,” when profiling is simply narrowing the search universe in a given crime.  It’s a sensible approach.  When you look for a lost sock, your universe doesn’t include panties and wrenches.

It has become fulsomely clear that the Left is incapable of learning from reality.  It’s gradually coming down to conservatives alone to re-establish law and order by using common sense and following facts to logical, reasonable, lawful conclusions.  Nobody gets a free ride; do the crime, do the time.  Pull your own weight.  Get your own stuff.

I fully anticipate Idiot Left readers attributing to me things I haven’t said and calling me a fascist, a white supremacist, a Nazi, etc.  This happens any time somebody says something sensible anymore.  We’ve lived with these fools getting their way for 50 years, and the time’s fast coming when America will rip itself apart if reasonable people don’t stand up to injustice and plain stupidity masquerading as social justice. Such folks are catching on, especially where totally inappropriate material is being taught in elementary schools.

I don’t know how to legally keep the Idiot Left out of office, but slow-motion disaster follows wherever such people run things.  They’re so worried about offending the few that they lose concern for the many.  Well, we the many are the ones who make the world work.  If they push us out altogether, the structure collapses, and then the leeches and parasites have no one to pick at, pick on, or pick over.

We religious ones have definite ideas about where all this is headed, but we don’t know when the end’s going to come, and we’re concerned in the meantime about our progeny.  Our only weapons are prayer and unified action — action at the voting booth to ensure that voting procedures are followed, in the legislatures to head off idiotic legislation, in the schools to confront distortions about America and U.S. history, in the media to ensure that resisting voices are heard against the cacophony of leftist spin, in the streets to confront the bullying tactics of Antifa and others, in Washington to take on the Lying Left where its insidious effects have the greatest reach.

We can no longer leave it up to someone else.  Do what you can in your own neighborhood.  This doesn’t come naturally to conservatives because our interests center on our own lives.  We don’t care what the guy next door does as long as it’s legal and doesn’t bother us.  But we can no longer get by with live and let live.  The other side refuses to let us.

It’s time to start organizing our neighborhoods, at least in our minds, basing our thinking on reality.  The main thing is to get to know your neighbors.  Know who will cower and who will stand up, who refuses to believe what’s happening and who sees clearly, who is waiting for someone else to do everything and who ready to defend himself, who is part of the problem and who part of the solution.  That will matter when our civilization progresses from crumbling to collapse.

By Jack Rail of BSC, where this article originally appeared.

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