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Watch: “We Don’t Want Welfare, We Want Opportunities!”

I know that I’ve been posting lots of videos recently, but this one is certainly worth the watch. It’s about what Kanye West highlighted in his song on the Democratic Plantations; a growing number of American blacks are getting frustrated with the Democrats because they can see that the Democrats don’t want to help them. In the words of one of the men in the video, “we don’t want welfare, we want opportunities!”

That’s something Republicans should capitalize on. Not the weak on crime, get out of jail early approach that the likes of Jared Kushner pushed.

But a focus on opportunity, of using deregulation and tax incentives, under Republican government, to build back the communities decimated by decades of Democrat rule, that could finally boost the GOP’s popularity among those that want to vote for those that will help them rather than continue to view them as slaves.

Highlight this. Yes, the Republican Party doesn’t need to apologize for being mainly white. Only Conservative Inc. cares about that racial nonsense. But we should want new voters, and it’s only by addressing the concerns that men like the ones that the men in this video have that we can grow our base.

That doesn’t mean making the GOP as racially woke as the DNC. It doesn’t mean changing our stance on guns, drugs, or policing.

But it does mean that we must shun the Big Business, corporatist RINOs like Mitt Romney and move toward the populist conservativism of Donald Trump. That ideology will provide the foundations necessary to break the deadlock in poor white areas, poor black areas, and every other place where globalist policies have impoverished the common man and decimated economic opportunity.

Real Americans, whether they’re white, black, or anywhere in between, don’t want welfare.

They want opportunities to work, to build a business, to raise a family. Republicans should be the party of facilitating that dream, not the party of Big Business and globalism.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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