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WATCH: Viral Video (Supposedly) Shows Heroic Father Standing Up for Women against Frightening Predator

NOTE: This video has not been verified for authenticity. I’m reporting what little is known about it, but know that it very well could have been staged, as is discussed below.

Prowling the streets of Italy, a supposed “refugee” (no way to verify that, he could have been anyone) decided to start trying to use his voice and hulking figure to startle women walking past him, lunging at them in a threatening way to see who he could scare.

One heroic father who happened to be walking nearby decided to put an end to that and, rather than just verbally chastise the man or let it go, as many would, the father struck out a hand and knocked the guy down, teaching him not to harass or frighten women. At least, that’s the narrative told in the video’s caption. Watch that here:

Yet better, as one person pointed out, the father did so with his daughter walking alongside him, teaching her that a real man should protect women, not assault or frighten them:

Though it does teach a good lesson about how men should behave when they see women under assault, there are problems with the video, at least as originally shared on Twitter.

For one, the guy who stops the “refugee” doesn’t look Italian. Perhaps he is, but many commenting on the video suggested that he’s from elsewhere. The lesson that can be taken from it is the same regardless, but it makes it seem that the original caption might have been inaccurate.

Then there’s the fact that this was recorded at all. Who would have been filming it at just the right time to catch the guy lunging toward a woman and then the father knocking him down? Perhaps it had been going on for a while and the cameraman had been filming it to collect evidence or show what the “refugee” was up to, but the whole thing does seem a bit suspicious and staged.

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And, finally, there’s how easily the guy went down. Maybe he just wasn’t expecting anyone to fight back, but it does seem that he went down a bit to easily from a one-handed shove for the video to be real.

But, whether staged or real, whether both men in the video were Italian, refugees, or some combination thereof, the lesson from the video is the same: men should protect women from predators and should be cheered when they do so.

It’s possible the video isn’t real. But, isn’t it nice to imagine that it is and that there are still a few brave, strong men out there who would risk themselves to protect women from predators without even thinking about it?

Do you think the video is real or staged? Comment below to let us know!

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