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WATCH: Viral Video Shows Pelosi Threatening to “Punch [Trump] Out” and The Internet Mocks Her Mercilessly

An absolutely wild video just came out, showing Nasty Nancy Pelosi threatening to beat up former President Donald Trump on January 6th.

In the video, a raving Pelosi can be heard saying, as the chaotic day took place and footage of it was blasted across the cable news outlets, that she’s “gonna punch him out” for “trespassing on the Capitol grounds.” In her words:

“I hope [Trump] comes. I’m gonna punch him out! This is my moment. I’ve been waiting for this—for trespassing on the Capitol grounds. I’m gonna punch him out and I’m gonna go to jail and I’m gonna be happy.”

Watch that video here:

It’s an odd threat. For one, the whole basis of her threats to “punch out the president” was wrong, as he never actually trespassed…a few of his supporters did, but Trump didn’t. Then there’s the size discrepancy. Even if she were liquored up and furious, it’s hard to image Pelosi being able to do much to The Donald, who’s the size of about three of her.

As could be predicted, the Twitter comments on the video were great. Here were a few of the good ones (these are meant only to show what people online are saying about Pelosi’s threats directed toward Trump and about Pelosi generally, not to be taken as statements of fact about Pelosi, January 6th, or any of Pelosi’s activities):

I think she should be reprimanded for threatening violence against a sitting president.

These professional videos are so convenient, almost like she knew what was coming.

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If you really don’t get that this is 100% theater by now I don’t know what to tell you. Watch the big Trump comeback in the next few weeks. It’ll be Yuge 😂

I’ve seen more realistic acting in telenovelas.

Sooo….if she had been “waiting for this” I guess that explains why she didn’t want the national guard involved.

If there’s one thing that scares me its getting in a fistfight with an 80 year old woman.

Nancy after Tequila shots..

So she’s threatening physical violence against POTUS? Why isn’t the Secret Service arresting her??!!

Remember when Nancy was walking around in that hair salon getting those gray roots taken care of when no one else was allowed to? Good times.

Well, it seems someone has violence on their mind on J6… and it wasn’t the guy saying to be peaceful at the Capitol

But let’s not forget when her husband used her connections to try and short Nvidia stock he was so blatant and public about it the SEC basically told him can sell it at a loss or he’s going to prison. So he just sold it. As opposed to us peasants who would have been in cuffs.

So Twitter didn’t disappoint, as usual. And the video is quite funny, though perhaps not as funny as the thought of an 80-year-old, frail Nancy Pelosi trying to beat up President Trump. One imagines she’d have a tough time landing even a jab.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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