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Watch: Video of Massive Stadium Singing the National Anthem Will Give You Chills

In these dark days, seeing even a slight display of patriotism is encouraging. At a time when all seems to be declining, when America isn’t respected abroad, our president is a fool, and the economy looks to be teetering on a tightrope over a pit of catastrophe, it can be hard to remember that there are many out there who still love America.

But, even though it can occasionally be hard to remember that there are many patriots out there, there are certain events that make their patriotism known and show just how strong the US really is at its core. Or, as LouderwithCrowder put it:

If you’re ensconced in the twenty-four-hour news cycle, you might believe this country is coming apart at the seams, that there’s nothing keeping this nation together, that but for the fact that it requires effort to conduct a civil war, this country would immediately separate into various little countries, each weirder than the last. I’m often right there with you. But every so often, Americans demonstrate exactly why we stick it out: because we’re Americans.

Regardless of political persuasion, gender, race, religion, etc., every American has a measure of patriotism that flows through their veins. Sometimes they just need the right moment for it to burst forth. 

One such event took place in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend, where the microphone went out during the National Anthem right before the first home game of the season. Rather than sit silently and wait for it to be fixed, the massive crowd started beautifully singing along. Watch that here, it’ll send chills down your spine:

Perhaps we all can just be Americans after all; that crowd certainly seemed to grasp how to get along and show a little patriotism.

Many on Twitter were quick to point out how beautiful they thought the scene was. One, for example, said:

Well, that brought tears to my eyes. Reminded me of the old days, when we used to get along.

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Another pointed out just how amazing it is that the crowd was singing as one, saying:

The moment alone is nothing short of amazing, but the cohesion of the crowd (they nailed the fermata and restart near the end) is incredible. It’s as if they had a conductor.

Two veterans joined in to share how hearing Americans of all stripes join together to sing the anthem makes them feel, with one saying:

Knowing how everyone is touched by the anthem, I wonder if people know how AD military & veterans feel when we hear it. We begin every day with it.
Every movie on the base plays it before a movie. It may seem silly but it’s a sound that lives deep in our hearts and bone marrow. 

Another then responded, agreeing and saying:

As a veteran that made me tear up. Maybe it doesn’t to some but I’m my mind the national anthem & our flag is absolutely sacred. I better not actually see someone step on it or disrespect it in my presence. It’s their right to & my right to kick their ass.

They’re all right: the singing of the anthem is simply wonderful and beautiful.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.