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WATCH: Tulsi Appears on Tucker, Bashes Democrats as “fanatical ideologues who hate freedom”

Speaking with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about her recent decision to leave the Democratic Party, Tulsi Gabbard didn’t hold back when bashing the woke party, saying that her loyalty is to her country and its Constitution, not her caucus.

In fact, she even went so far as to say that she couldn’t support the Democratic Party because it’s “controlled by fanatical ideologues who hate freedom”. In her words:

“I’ve always been an independent-minded person. A Democrat, yes, but an independent Democrat. And my loyalties are very clear: I love our country. And I took an oath both as a service member, as a soldier, as well as a member of Congress, to support and defend the Constitution. And that’s an oath that I take extremely seriously.

“And so when you look at this party, the today’s Democratic Party, it’s controlled by fanatical ideologues who hate freedom. They despise the Constitution. They actively find ways to undermine our God given rights enshrined in the Constitution, like freedom of speech, if you say something and I say something that they don’t like.

Continuing her takedown of the Democrats, Tulsi went on to hammer them for creating a stifling atmosphere that limits free speech, saying:

“[T]he whole environment of fear that those in power, these elitists in power, have fomented to where people are afraid to speak the truth. They’re afraid to exercise their right to free speech because, hey, you might lose your job, you might be canceled, you might be trashed. And God forbid, in Washington, you might not be invited to the cool kids parties.”

Then, elaborating on the “warmonger” point she made when making her announcement that she was leaving the Democratic Party, Tulsi said:

“[W]hat it comes down to is rather than taking a stand for peace, for prosperity, security and freedom of the American people, we have too many people in Washington who are warmongers subservient to the military industrial complex and continuing to put their own selfish interests or the interests of their donors first with no mind for the costs and consequence that their decisions have on the American people.”

Perhaps best of all, Tulsi then went on to hammer the Democrats for being against the different freedoms that Americans hold dear, saying:

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“They are against freedom of religion. They are hostile towards people of faith. People who have their own spiritual practice, especially Christians, finding ways to be vindictive, to discriminate, to punish people who happen to exercise that freedom of religion. The list goes on and on, but the foundation of freedom is really what was at the heart of my making this decision that I cannot be a member of a party that is against freedom and actively trying to undermine it.”

Watch Tulsi and Tucker here:

Now we’ll see if Tulsi’s brave stand on the matter wakes up others that might lean left but are horrified by the radical, anti-liberty turn the left has taken.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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