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WATCH: Trump-Backed JD Vance DESTROYS Tim Ryan on Illegal Immigration in Savage Debate Spat

JD Vance is the Ohio Senate candidate and author of Hillbilly Elegy that, despite being anti-Trump back in 2016, has had a change of heart and embraced the MAGA agenda as the best way of helping out the forgotten Americans of the Rust Belt and Appalachia who have seen their lives destroyed by globalization and futures shredded by the greedy, uniparty elite.

That means he’s anti-illegal immigration, pro-reshoring US industry, and all aboard the Trump train.

And being aboard the Trump train means that Vance, who used to be a guy courted by leftie outlets to be the “reasonable”, anti-Trump voice from Appalachia, has turned into an utter savage that can shred Democrats.

Such is what we got to see during his debate with Tim Ryan last night: Vance didn’t hold back one bit and let loose the dogs of verbal war when the illegal immigration topic came up. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, Vance, shredding Tim Ryan on the topic of abortion and illegal immigration, noted when discussing the topic of women sexually assaulted by illegal immigrants, particularly the young girl who had to travel to get an abortion because an illegal immigrant sexually assaulted and impregnated her, that had Democrats defended the border and built a wall to keep illegals out, then none of that would have happened in the first place. In his words:

“You voted so many times against border wall funding…If you had done your job, she would have never been raped in the first place. Do your job on border security, don’t lecture me about opinions I don’t actually have.”

Former President Donald Trump backed JD Vance back in April, boosting him and helping him win the primary. At the time, Trump said:

“Like some others, J.D. Vance may have said some not so great things about me in the past, but he gets it now, and I have seen that in spades. He is our best chance for victory in what could be a very tough race.

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“I’ve studied this race closely and I think J.D. is the most likely to take out the weak, but dangerous, Democrat opponent.

Another New Right-type Trump pick for the GOP’s Senate races, Blake Masters of Arizona, also had a brilliant moment on the illegal immigration topic recently. Skewering former astronaut Mark Kelly, Arizona’s current, far-left Senator, Masters said that Kelly and the Democrats are “surrendering our southern border.” He then went on to add that:

“I think the correct amount of illegal immigration is zero; that’s what federal law says. The problem is that Joe Biden and Mark Kelly are willfully ignoring federal law.”

So Trump-backed candidates can tell that illegal immigration is a winning issue in the runup to the 2022 midterms thanks to the millions of illegals that have broken across the border since Biden was elected. And, what’s more, they’re not as tame and “nice” as the Con, Inc. losers, so they’re ready to come out swinging and bash their Democrat opponents on the issue.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded Twitter video from Fox 8