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Watch: “The View” Hosts and Guests Have CRT-Induced Meltdown

The clucking hens on the View are at it (making fools of themselves on TV) again, this time fighting amongst themselves about CRT and whether black people are victims or not.

It began when Joy Behar, who’s far from being the sharpest tool in the shed, went on an ill-informed tear about how terrible white people are, saying:

They haven’t even paid reparations to Native Americans in this country. It’s not going to happen so fast. I’m just saying, people don’t want to admit that they did something wrong, especially white people. White people don’t want to take responsibility for what they did in this country.

Then, Lindsey Gragner, who is black, jumped in and attacked Behar’s position, saying that whites need to learn not about CRT and black victimization, but about “black excellence.” In her words:

It’s a whole different conversation about critical race theory. I don’t think it’s related, because if we talk about critical race theory … my whole conversation yesterday was about teaching about black excellence. I want to see that be the first issue on your agenda, on your agenda. Because I want to see black people thrive. We are not victims. Ok? Even though we have been victimized, we are not victims.”

Continuing the argument as the discussion drifted toward CRT in schools, Granger then gave an example of what “black excellence” should be taught, saying:

We’re learning about slavery for sure, and I think we should learn about the fact that Africans started the vaccination process. That was the African tradition. Why have I never learned that until I was a grown adult.

At that point, Behar either got confused or misrepresented Behar’s remarks, to which Granger responded by saying:

You’re misinterpreting my point intentionally. You know what I said. I said that we’re learning about the victimization of Black people consistently — that’s a fact.”

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And it wasn’t just Joy Behar that Granger squabbled with about CRT. She also fought with Sunny Hostin over the ideology, which was what kicked off the CRT in schools debate.

Describing why Marsha Blackburn’s question to Kentanji Brown Jackson about CRT in schools was fair, Granger returned to the black excellence rather than black victimhood point and said “Critical race theory as it stands… needs to be downsized for 7-year-olds.

Hostin, of course, shot back immediately, defending her beloved indoctrination attempts and saying, “It’s not being taught to 7-year-olds… We wanna teach kids about African American history.”

Hostin and Granger also squabbled over books, with Hostin yelling that “They want to ban Bakari Sellers’ book. They want to ban his book about Black excellence and children. That’s one book! I’ve got a list of them!” when asked by Granger to name one book that celebrates blackness that is being banned.

Then another one of the clucking hens joined in the circular firing squad, with Sarah Haines defending Granger to some degree and saying “Critical race theory has become an umbrella term for some other things that are happening.

Hostin didn’t buy it, eventually yelling “Critical Race Theory is a Harvard Law class. It’s a Harvard discipline that was started by Derrick Bell. There was a troll … Christopher Rufo — who decided he was going to call African American history and the history of this country ‘critical race theory.’ And people like you have bought into it.

They never managed to reach a conclusion, but did end up all yelling at each other. At the very least, it was entertaining to watch the leftists attack each other. Watch them here:

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics