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WATCH: “The Five” Goes Nuclear Over Unjust Border Patrol Punishment, Geraldo and Gutfeld Explode

Remember last fall when a Border Patrol agent riding a horse was ridiculously and falsely accused of “whipping” Haitian “migrants” (read: illegal immigrants) because of a picture of him holding the reins of a horse in a certain way?

Well, though the agent did nothing wrong and was indeed cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, they’ll still be punished for violating Department of Homeland Security policy.

That punishment of the agents started a fierce debate on Fox News Channel’s “The Five”, with Geraldo the RINO getting in a fierce debate with the more conservative Gutfeld, a bitter, acrimonious fight that soon went nuclear as the two cohosts exploded and Perino and Watters got involved, taking Gutfeld’s side in the fight.

Watch that here:

As you can hear, it starts with Geraldo Rivera the RINO arguing that the “visual” was bad (ignoring that that was only the case because of how anti-Border Patrol media hacks framed the misleading image), saying:

In terms of the Border Patrol. this is, you must admit, when you look at this visual — put up a shot, put up any of the shots of that series —

At that point Perino cut him off, snapping “No! No! That’s so wrong! You’re a lawyer; how can you say this?”

Gutfeld jumped in too, hitting back at Geraldo by saying “Yeah, you’re a lawyer!

Geraldo, attempting to explain his ridiculous contention, took the side of the illegal immigrants over the brave Border Patrol agents and said:

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You have four grown-ups, and they’re riding these big horses.And you got these people that just walked 5,000 miles risking everything, and now there are these big, macho guys —

Perino, listening to him go on and take the side of the illegals, interjected and groaned “Oh my God”.

At that point, Jesse Watters took the opportunity to interject and take down Geraldo in the Socratic manner, asking “How would you handle it, Geraldo?

Gutfeld, not even giving Geraldo the RINO an opportunity to answer, went full blast, exclaiming:

Big, macho guy? You can’t even give these guys a little — you know what? Because you can’t even apologize for being wrong on this.

Geraldo, sensing the hostility, then started to hedge, saying that he’s “delighted that they are not being criminally prosecuted.

Gutfield, however, wasn’t willing to give him the opportunity to back down and so pressed him on it, saying “No, you’re not. That’s not true!

That obviously got Geraldo mad, as he responded by saying “Don’t tell me what I am feeling. You can have your opinion, but don’t have my opinion. I think this whole sorry chapter is better off in the rear view.

Still Gutfeld didn’t let it go, hitting back by saying “Because you’re wrong! Any time you’re wrong, you wish it would be in the rearview mirror, but no, it’s in the front view right now.

Now that’s how RINOs are dealt with, particularly when they’re taking the side of people like Biden.

Biden, as a reminder, also took the side of the illegal immigrants, saying at the time that:

“[It] was horrible what — to see, as you saw — to see people treated like they did: horses nearly running them over and people being strapped.  It’s outrageous.

I promise you, those people will pay.  They will be — an investigation is underway now, and there will be consequences.  There will be consequences.  It’s an embarrassment.  But beyond an embarrassment, it’s dangerous; it’s wrong.  It sends the wrong message around the world.  It sends the wrong message at home.  It’s simply not who we are.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List