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WATCH: The ATF Comes After the Wrong Gun Owner, Look What He Does Next

On August 25th, 2022, a Florida man named Nick captured video of several ATF agents visiting his house to collect a “solvent trap”, which is a tool that is used during the cleaning process for firearms. 

The reason the ATF was seeking to confiscate this item is because it can potentially be converted to a suppressor.

The agents in this video clearly displayed coercive intimidation tactics toward this private citizen.

He responded to them in the best way possible, utilizing his constitutional rights.

See the encounter below.

The encounter begins with the ATF introducing themselves and inquiring if he still owned the solvent trap that he had purchased from a gun broker.

Upon Nick being asked if he still owned it, he said, “I’m not gonna answer any questions.”

The agent further explains why they are there to recover the item when the gun owner interrupts questioning, “Do you have a warrant?”

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This should be the first thing you ask, anytime federal law enforcement is seeking to confiscate your property.

The agents then attempt to get Nick to sign a form affirming that he doesn’t own the solvent trap anymore to which he refuses to sign without a lawyer.  Again, bingo.

After informing the man that he will be federally prosecuted if he is caught with the item, the agent states, “you’re obviously going to be on the radar now,” and, “we know what you’re using it for,” insinuating that he was illegally converting it to a suppressor.

This is absurd.  The burden of proof is on this federal organization to establish with evidence that he is committing a crime and they have none.  

Furthermore, they try to intimidate him by stating he is now on the federal governments “radar”.

Whatever happened to notion of due process and “innocence until proven guilty”. 

Nick then patriotically roasts these agents, “You’re the ATF your entire job is to take away the people’s guns.  Your job is to erode the Second Amendment.”

Nick then brings up the federal government’s atrocities of Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge.

In the Waco Siege of 1993, a religious group, the Branch Davidians, was suspected by the ATF of stockpiling illegal weapons in their community.

What ensued was a 51 day standoff that left 76 dead including 25 children.

The Ruby Ridge incident involved the FBI shooting and killing a man’s wife, 14-year-old son, and dog which started over a warrant for not appearing on firearms charges.

The encounter between Nick and the ATF ends with one of the agents saying, “I’m sure we’ll find you again someday.”

The ATF is demonstrating they can track your legal purchases of firearms and firearm related equipment, then decide to go door-to-door to confiscate it.

This should be concerning since democrats are talking of a potential “assault weapons ban” if they win congress this fall.

Their definition of “assault weapons” could very well include any semi-automatic rifle or pistol with capacity of firing multiple rounds.

Now with the major credit card companies flagging your purchases of firearms and ammunition, it will be incredibly easy for the ATF to obtain your information and come to your home to infringe upon your Second Amendment rights.


-Macro Conservative


11 thoughts on “WATCH: The ATF Comes After the Wrong Gun Owner, Look What He Does Next”

  1. Clearly the Biden admin and their behind-the-scenes faceless and nameless collaborators and power bases have engaged intimidation tactics and policies to weaken Americans and on bended knees to them. GREED, POWER, CONTROL are the main goals for any takeover, and they often start with the average person to gradually encapsulate all.

  2. I had a similar experience with the FBI and the US Attorney in 1979. I was in law enforcement. The FBI came to question me about a bogus complaint from a citizen. I refused to waive my rights I had dealt with corrupt FBI agents before. These two proceeded to question me anyway, without a lawyer. I refused answer their questions. The substance of the complaint involved another officer. He answered their questions and told them that I wasn’t even there.
    No matter, I received a letter from the US Attorney telling me that there was not enough evidence to prosecute me at that time, but that his office would keep an open file on me.
    None of these people were in the “leadership“ of the FBI or the DOJ. They were just rank and file agents that willfully violated my rights. It was just a rank and file AUSA that baselessly threatened me. These agencies have been thoroughly corrupt and believed that they were above the law, from their very inception. Don’t tell me that rank and file agents are honorable. I know better.

  3. The obligatory I’m a regular American with no axe to grind so don’t hate me caveat. The “leadership” of the FBI is a cabal of partisan left-wing nazi goons who are the mafioso enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. But I just adore the rank and file and admire their bravery and commitment and attention to detail etc ad infinitum. /caveat
    Horsepaste! If you work in any capacity—I don’t care if you’re the night janitor—for the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA, BTF and so on you have my absolute contempt. A real American wouldn’t take a paycheck to betray the USA.

  4. The federal government is NOT our friend. Of course the ATF is throwing their weight around. To a hammer…everything looks like a nail. We’re ALL already “on their radar.”

    1. Notice that they admit that they are not just tracking guns but all related items purchased with credit or debit cards so buy with untraceable cash.

  5. The FBI has become the US version of the gestapo they are out of control the ATF has always been out of control now the credit cards are going to report when or what you use your card for I canceled my visa card and the other one I will not use its going to be cash from now on baby .Looks to me like its time to organize if you know what I mean.They are going to send the IRS after us now and old senile Joe the Sniff claimed he was going to unite every one the old bastard is going to find out one day what unite means.

  6. I’ve got 40 hilly, brushy, cactus-infested acres they can wander around on all they want, if they bring a warrant.

  7. FBI, ATF, and the Justice Department( Isn’t that one laughable Oxymoron.
    Bevis to Butthead …He said “justice”.

    All of these out of control gov agencies ARE enemies of the people and MUST be held accountable for their illegal, unconstitutional behavior.

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