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WATCH: Rep. Mo Brooks Caught Making Startling Claim about Congressional Committee Corruption

Note: This is not a claim that Brooks’ claims are true, only that he has made these claims and what they are. Take only that from it, not any opinions or statements about the truth of his claims.

In March, at a campaign fundraiser, Alabama Republican Congressman Mo Brooks was filmed making some wild claims about how Congressional committee seats are gained, claims that hint at corruption. Brooks is running for the Republican nomination for the senate seat being vacated by retiring Richard Shelby. The Alabama Senate primary is May 24 and polling has Brooks in third.

Here are the most substantial Mo Brooks quotes from the video.

  • Special interest groups run Washington.”
  • In the House of Representatives (I’ll use that as an example because that’s where I work), if you want to be a chairman of a major committee, you have to purchase it, and the purchase price for a major committee (say, like Ways and Means) minimum bid is a million dollars.”
  • We have committees broken down by A group, B group, and C group. C are the cheapest, B are middling, A is the most expensive. It’s the most expensive because those are the committees that special interest groups care the most about.”
  • So, where does a congressman come up with a million dollars to be chairman of one of these A committees? You can’t get it for Joe and Jane Citizen because Joe and Jane Citizen back home, they’re not going to be contributing that kind of money. They don’t have it—they need that money for their own families.”
  • And, so, you have to get it from the special interest groups, and with the special interest groups, there is a quid pro quo. If you don’t do what they tell you to do, they won’t give you the money that finances your chairmanship.”

Below is the Twitter feed of Mo Brooks’ comments:

 RWR original article syndication source.