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WATCH: “Queen of Cringe” Kamala Just Had a “Please Clap” Moment Even More Embarassing than Jeb!’s

Kamala Harris is the Queen of Cringe.

This woman is so uncomfortable in her own skin and is so deep over her head that she can’t act like a normal human being no matter how much coaching she gets and how many PR specialists she hires.

If you’re following the Johnny Depp trial, Kamala is the “Amber Heard” of politicians. If you’re not following it, that just means Kamala probably suffers from “Borderline Personality Disorder.”

When she’s not cackling like a crazed mental patient, she’s dishing up word salads that make zero sense.

She could be one of the worst politicians I’ve ever seen, and the only reason we didn’t notice how bad she was in the Senate was because she was part of a big “team” of politicians. She just blended in and faded away.

Here, she’s center-stage, and it’s one of the biggest and bloodiest train wrecks I’ve ever watched unfold.

It all makes sense now why she was forced to drop out of the Dem primary so early.

And just like Joe, every time Kamala gets up to speak, something goes haywire… and this latest incident, where Kamala was talking (and cackling) about yellow school buses, was no exception.

How do you botch speaking about school buses, you wonder? Who knows… but Kamala did it… and she ended up having one of the most awkward “please clap” moments you’ll ever see.

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We all remember the original “please clap” moment, right?

It happened to Jeb! Bush during the 2016 GOP primary.


And now, here’s Kamala’s “please clap” moment, where only one lonely person clapped. It’s hard to watch.

God’s speed.

You can watch the video below:

I told you it was hard to watch.

It just doesn’t get more awkward than that, does it?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“She’s like the Aunt that’s always drunk and never invited to formal gatherings because of it.”

“Please, please, please, please CLAP…somebody f**ing clap” 

“Thank God she cleared up the mystery of what the big rolling objects loaded with children outside of schools are……as well as educating us on the color of these objects! and what purpose they serve…. NOW we are really getting somewhere in this country!”

“Has anybody at the White House proposed not allowing Kamala to speak anymore, ever? “

“Wow…just wow. This woman’s intellect and insight into the issues facing America are AMAZING. Said no one.”

“Never seen a VP laugh so much when she is talking down to a third grade level like that is as high a level of communication as she can go. What a disgrace.”

“Anyone notice that she just had a JEB! ‘Please clap’ moment??LOL” 

“The incompetence, awkwardness, and cluelessness is just staggering.”

“Wow she’s really on The cutting edge of what is going on in America. This is what they have the Vice president of America doing.”

“That one guy clapped for busses hahaha” 

“She has convinced herself that every word she utters is on par with Martin Luther King.”

I don’t think Joe Biden will make it through his full term, so this cackling wordsmith will probably be sworn in as “president” someday.

And when that happens, I predict she’ll do more damage to the Democrat Party than Joe has — which is saying a lot — but less to the United States, because Dems won’t have Congress.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree