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WATCH: Psaki Tosses Biden Under The Bus, Exposes Some Nasty News for Dems in NBC Interview

Though Jen Psaki was hardly the most likeable of press secretaries and her “circle back” line was infuriating at times, she was at least good at her job. Yes, that helped Team Biden, but competence is competence and her battles with Peter Doocy were interesting. The same can’t be said of her replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre, who seems as ignorant of the facts as she is an utter failure when compared to Peppermint Patty Psaki.

Further, Psaki is smarter in that she got out of the Biden White House before things took a turn from bad to somehow even worse, taking a job with MSNBC. Though it’s an MSM outlet known for being to the (far) left, that new gives her the opportunity to speak the truth on some things, even issues bad for Biden, as she did recently. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, Psaki, turning on her previous employer now that she’s safely ensconced in her NBC News position, said that the midterms are going to be a bloodbath for Democrats if they turn into a referendum on the Biden Administration. In her words:

If it is a referendum on the president, they will lose. And they know that. They also know that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats, I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities.

Continuing, she went on to note that the Pennsylvania Senate contest is one the GOP might win thanks to Fetterman’s soft-on-crime stance being a major liability for him and his campaign, saying:

“What’s been interesting to me is it’s always you follow the money, and where are people spending money. And in Pennsylvania, the Republicans have been spending millions of dollars on the air on crime ads against Fetterman because that’s where they see his vulnerability.”

The same could be said of other soft-on-crime Democrats who now have to find themselves answering for those positions at a time when high crime rates are infuriating Americans who want to be able to go out to dinner, go for a job, or fill up their car without acting like they’re outside the wire in Baghdad.

Adding to her comments on Fetterman, Psaki went on to say that the economy hangs over everything (which is more bad news for Biden given the news of continued economic contraction and the stock market collapse) and that state by state factors are coming into play as voters size up the candidates. In her words:

“​So​,​ yes, the economy is hanging over everything. But you do have to look at state-by-state factors, and crime is a huge issue in the Pennsylvania race​.

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And while those state by state factors might be important, some national issues are also spelling very bad news for Democrats, as was found by a new Harvard/Harris poll. As it found that:

42% of Independents believe “there are tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans backing violence and trying to overthrow the constitution.”

A majority of Americans, 55%, say they are more concerned about the Socialist left than the MAGA Republicans

A majority, 51%, say the raid on Trump’s residence was “a politically motivated use of force”
52% say the DOJ used the warrant to conduct a fishing expedition against President Trump 58% say the appointment of a special master was reasonable

55% say they believe the President “has the power to classify and declassify documents, keep personal notes, and designate which documents go to the archive”

56% say they oppose the Anti-MAGA speech Biden gave in Philadelphia

60% say Biden’s anti-MAGA speech was divisive

54% say Biden’s anti-MAGA speech was just fear-mongering

56% (including 61% of independents) say it is inappropriate for President Biden to label Trump supporters/MAGA Republicans as “semi-fascists”

55% say they oppose the 87,000 new IRS agents created by the Inflation Reduction Act; 58% say the new agents “will mostly investigate average” people

71% say they would prefer to drive a gasoline-powered car over an electric car

72% believe the electric grid is not ready for wide-spread use of EVs

53%, say the Inflation Reduction Act will RAISE inflation.

49% say they support Biden’s unilateral student loan cancellations. 50% say they oppose it. Only 22% say they strongly support the cancellations while 31% say they strongly oppose it.

56% say it was wrong for President Biden to go around Congress on student loans

52% believe that Biden’s executive order on Student loan debt in unconstitutional; 58% believe singling out student debt for relief is “unfair”

63% believe colleges will continue to raise their tuition to capture more government money

24% of Independents say the debt cancellation makes them more likely to vote Democrat vs 34% who say it makes them less likely to vote Dem.

That’s all horrible news for Biden and Democrats, as they’ll have to overcome those hurdles to get elected come November. So, it looks like Psaki was telling the truth, for once. If the midterms are a referendum on how things are going for America under Democrat rule, that’s going to spell disaster for Democrats in competitive districts.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded YouTube clip