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WATCH: Mom Dresses Like Drag Queen at School Board Meeting to Make Point about What’s Appropriate for Kids

There are some things young kids just should see. The “Terminator” series of movies. Any horror movie. Penthouse magazines and the like. How sausage and hotdogs are made. And, it used to be understood, drag queens.

Unfortunately, the idea that kids shouldn’t be hanging around dudes that like to dress up in sexual ways and portray themselves as absurd, sexually explicit caricatures of women, has somehow been lost in modern schools. And so some kids have to be around that, whether they’re made uncomfortable by it or not.

Louder with Crowder, describing that wild and radical shift, noted that:

In an effort to teach children about tolerance and acceptance, school boards have been hiring men to dress like women and dance for those children. Prior to 2022, these drag shows with men who call themselves “queens” were meant to entertain middle-aged suburban women in bars at Bingo night. I guess one of those women sat on a school board and felt this entertainment was perfect for children. Drag queens became the measuring stick to determine if you are woke or just another solve for X-phobe.

Well, while the powers that be might want your kid around some man dressed like a stripper while at school, some American parents are still sane. One of those sane parents was a mom whose kids were among those having to spend time at school with the drag queens and she wasn’t happy about it.

So, rather than sit idly and quietly by as the school exposed her kids to some very age-inappropriate things, she made her point in a stunning way. She dressed up like one of the drag queen strippers and showed up to a school board meeting to make her point and an impression.

Yes, really, here’s an image of that:

Speaking on the matter, she said:

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Does this outfit make you turn your head? Does this outfit seem appropriate for anybody here to see? This is what the man dressed like in front of our kids. So if this makes your head spin — if this pisses you off in any way, shape, or form — it should.

Because I’m embarrassed to stand here in the outfit that I am in today, but I have a point to prove — that this outfit should not be ever accepted in our schools anywhere.

That appears to have been effective, as you can watch the always excellent Michael Knowles discuss here:

So that’s really something. You can also probably add “having their mom dress like a drag stripper” to the list of things kids shouldn’t see.

For reference, the outraged mom was drawing attention to this, where there apparently was a drag show for students:

What’s the world coming to? Every day, there’s something like a drag show for school kids that makes things seem even worse than they did days before…and they already seemed pretty bad. But hey, at least some parents still have the courage to stand up for what’s right and for their children!

By: Gen Z Conservative

Featured image credit: screengrab from Twitter