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[WATCH] Man Takes Tesla on 1,800 Mile Trip Without Plugging in Once… After Attaching a GAS Generator To the Back

Those EVs Joe Biden and Democrats promise will transform the climate? That EV you drive and think you’re saving the planet with? They don’t get their power out of thin air; in fact, they draw heavily on burning coal in huge plants to charge up the lithium batteries.

In other words, electric vehicles need fossil fuels. They just use them ahead of time rather than in the moment.

They’re also hugely unreliable still, evidenced by Gavin Newsom’s request to not have them charged during moments of energy uncertainty – just days after he signed legislation BANNING the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035.

One intrepid YouTuber didn’t necessarily create his latest video blog to prove that point, but he does have fun with mods on cars and took his Tesla for a spin recently. At least if a 1,800 trip can be considered a spin. And he didn’t have to stop to recharge it once!

Take a look as Matt Mikka’s channel Warped Perception, boasting an impressive 1.2 million subscribers, attached a 400-cc gas generator to the back of his “electric” vehicle and powered through miles and miles of asphalt:

Mikka acknowledged that while the experiment worked, it didn’t come without costs. First, these suckers are loud – and it was placed in the place where the rear window used to be located. At one point on his excursion, police were called after the noise became too much for passersby.

And that wasn’t even the only time police got involved. At a different point, he was pulled over for going to slowly. That’s because the generator provided only enough power to keep the Tesla afloat, not necessarily achieve top speeds. He got pulled over for driving below the speed limit.

Maybe he told them his vehicle was meant for marathons and not sprints.

Inside EVS recapped Mikka’s test, writing how the generator was always running and that he frequently ran out of battery juice, necessitating frequent stops as well:

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The engine even ran in the parking lots of the hotels where he spent the night and it was quite loud. This means that while it never drew power from the grid, it was technically still charging throughout the trip…

And because the engine he chose as a generator was relatively small, it couldn’t provide enough electricity to allow the Tesla to maintain higher speeds slightly above the legal limit without losing state of charge. He frequently had to stop and let the car charge by the side of the road, usually with 2 percent left in the battery.

He is even pulled over by the police once for driving too slowly because of the on-board charging limitation combined with a low state of charge. All in all it was an interesting experiment, but Matt isn’t happy with the performance of the generator, so he wants to try something he says will perform the task even better – it sounds like he’s talking about a diesel engine…

Mikka has always dabbled with outrageous stunts. He previously hooked up jet engines to another Tesla to give it, shall we say, improved acceleration.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded YouTube video