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WATCH: Maher ROASTS CNN With Savage Comment About Its “Journalistic Standards”

Bill  Maher certainly isn’t a friend of the right. He’s still a leftist to his core and is in no way “our guy” in the way that converted Democrats of the JD Vance might be.

But, still, he makes some good points and, unlike many of his fellow lefties, doesn’t hesitate to roast certain leftist targets, and the friendly fire he sends their way somehow seems even funnier than when obvious right-wingers like Tucker or Trump drop bombs on the left. Yes, Trump and Tucker are great. But watching a leftist get so infuriated by CNN’s nonsense that he has to kick their teeth in over it is somehow even better.

Such is what recently happened during a Maher segment in which he ripped into CNN’s “journalistic standards” with a vengeance, hammering the leftie network with a vengeance.

Watch that here:


As you can hear in the video, Maher, joking about CNN and why Cuomo was fired from it (violating CNN’s “journalistic standards”), said:

“CNN said it violated their journalistic standards and I said ‘CNN has journalistic standards?'”

The “it” there, as a reminder, was Cuomo’s helping out his brother by providing advice on how he should rehabilitate his image and muddle through the allegations against him from a multitude of women.

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Maher later said he wasn’t trying to be snarky, but the meaning of the comment was clear: CNN is fake news. Its “standards,” if they can even be called that, are whatever the boneheaded executives running the networks and prima donnas they put on air think will hurt Republicans, particularly those of the Trump mold. We all know that, but it’s still fun seeing Maher say it out loud and attack from the left.

CNN’s lack of standards wasn’t all the two discussed, however.

The two also spoke about Cuomo’s brother, disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo, about whom Maher said, “Did you ever think that his downfall would be women? I never pictured him as that guy.” Cuomo, in response, said “Yeah, me either.”

As a reminder, in August of 2021, Andrew Cuomo was more or less forced into resigning from his position after a very embarrassing investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against him, with the investigation revealing 11 cases of women with sexual harassment complaints against him. Cuomo denied that he sexually harassed anyone, but did admit he was prone to engaging in typical flirtatious behavior, which apparently isn’t okay anymore.
He was never, however, held to account for the multitude of deaths that resulted from his executive order insisting that Covid patients be admitted to publicly-ran nursing homes, the grounds on which many expected he would be forced out of the governor’s office.Again, Maher isn’t our guy, but it was fun watching him rip CNN for its lack of standards, something we all know to be the case but most MSM figures dance around because they don’t really have standards either.

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