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Watch: Kyle Rittenhouse Releases Epic Video, Announces He’ll Sue this Radical Leftist

Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t backing down now that he’s been found innocent. Many people lied about him when he was locked up and being persecuted (yes, persecuted, not prosecuted) by the far-left “justice” system and now he’s coming after them with a vengeance.

First, he announced that he’d be coming for all of the MSM hacks that lied about him, telling Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that “We are looking at quite a few politicians, celebrities, athletes, Whoopi Goldberg is on the list. She called me a murderer after I was acquitted by a jury of my peers. She went on to say that. And there’s others”.

But that’s not all. He won’t just be going after CNN, Holocaust-minimizing Whoopi Goldberg, and the other media hacks. As he mentioned, he’d be going after others too, including “athletes.”

Well, one of those athletes is “King James,” the far-left, America-hating NBA dribbler.

Appearing on Drew Hernandez’s podcast, Frontlines, Kyle said “Anybody who defamed me, or lied about me, we’re just gonna send them a letter and then deal with them in a courtroom,” affirming that he’s going after LeBron. Watch that here:

But that’s not all Kyle’s doing. He also released an epic video on Twitter to announce his campaign against all those that lied against him, saying “It’s time to hold the worst offenders in our media accountable in court for their malicious and defamatory lies. Donate:

If there’s one word to describe the video, it’d be “epic.”

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In it, Rittenhouse takes a wrecking ball to the media. First, the video begins by saying “The media’s the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty, and to make the guilty innocent. That’s power” as images of Rittenhouse appear.

Then, it cuts to audio clips of those media scumbags that slandered him doing so, baselessly referring to the innocent youth as a “racist” and “white supremacist,” while images of articles that made the same claim appear too.

To end, it says, in all caps, “ACCOUNTABILITY IS COMING.”

In one minute, that’s all the video is, Rittenhouse put the media on notice that he’s coming for them. They thought they were secure behind their screens, spreading lies and baselessly slandering a young man that simply wanted to do his duty to his community and friends by putting out fires and rendering medical aid.

As with so many others, from Nick Sandman to Donald Trump, the media tried using its well-honed and well-used character assassination tactics to take down Rittenhouse. But he’s not having it.

Whereas others might have sat idly by as CNN and others ruined them, Rittenhouse is following in the footsteps of Nick Sandman and taking a sledgehammer to the media apparatus that tried to ruin his life. Let’s hope he and his attorneys succeed in holding everyone from LeBron to Whoopie accountable, especially financially.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.