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Watch: Interview With the Hero Border Agent Who Saved Lives at Uvalde

The brave Border Patrol agent who ran inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, last week during the terrible shooting came out to Fox News.

WATCH him speak out after being a hero:

Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado told “The Ingraham Angle” that he was off duty since Uvalde is around 80 miles from Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

Albarado stated he had just left an engagement to get his hair trimmed near the school, and that he learned about the attack from his wife, Trisha, a Robb teacher who, he subsequently said, narrowly evaded shooter Salvador Ramos.

“There’s an active shooter… Help… I love you  “Trisha Albarado sent in a text message.

Agent Albarado grabbed his barber’s pistol and dashed to the school on foot.

“I just announced who I was and made my way toward my wife’s room,” he said. “I just saw a whole bunch of kids running out, running off campus, jumping through the windows, cops breaking windows.”

He described the scenario as “complete chaos, pretty much,” adding that after his wife exited her classroom and joined others fleeing to a neighboring funeral home, he was eventually able to speak with her on the phone.

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While his wife had managed to flee, Jacob Albarado expressed concern for his daughter Jayda, a Robb student, as reported.

While a law enforcement tactical squad was forming to infiltrate the school wing where Ramos was, Jayda Albarado was reportedly trapped in a bathroom.

Armed with the hairdresser’s shotgun, Jacob Albarado began cleaning all of Jayda’s wing’s classrooms. As the classrooms were being emptied, many of children fled.

“It was just complete chaos. Everybody was concerned for their child,” he recalled. “I was able to get on campus… I wasn’t just trying to save my child, I was trying to get as many people out of there as I could.”

He told Fox News that his daughter is recovering “for the most part” from the shooting, but that she lost some of her buddies in the killings.

Ramos also avoided his wife’s classroom, and focused instead on rooms on the opposite side of the same hallway, according to him.

Jacob Albarado praised Americans for their condolences for the Uvalde town, noting that Walmart and small companies, including barbecue places as far away as Alabama, have sent food and help.

“Everyone has given a helping hand,” he stated. “You would never think such people would come out of the woodwork and help out.”

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