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WATCH: Hilarious Videos Show Nasty Nancy Get Humiliated By Crowd at NYC Music Festival

The welcome was anything but warm for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday night as she was booed on stage at the Global Citizen Festival after being introduced by Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Pelosi, 82, was attending the gathering in New York’s Central Park with husband Paul when Chopra Jonas invited her to appear before the crowd of music devotees.

The result, in a city where 68 percent of registered voters declare themselves Democrats, was underwhelming for them both.

As Pelosi set out plans heading for Congress to tackle climate issues, members of the audience could be heard booing the veteran Democrat even as she expounded on carbon pollution and “climate change.”

Watch the Congresswoman get humiliated by the crowd’s roaring boos here:

And here’s another great video of the crowd giving Nancy a piece of its mind and what it really thinks of her:

And, just for fun, here’s one more video of the crowd making fun of nasty Nancy:

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Bizarrely, Pelosi took the crowd’s roaring booing at her even being introduced as a sign that she should go full steam ahead and start rambling about “climate change,” which is exactly what she did, saying:

It’s thanks to your help that the United States recently enacted historic climate legislation, which will be a game changer. It will slash carbon pollution by 40 percent by 2030, it will give a historic, an historic $370 billion to fight the climate crisis.”

The crowd then started booing even louder, as could be expected of people who have to deal with high gas prices and then hear from some California oligarch about fighting climate change. Are any of her properties “energy efficient” compared to the small house or apartment the typical American family lives in? On a total amount of energy used basis, methinks not.

In any case, the crowd’s booing just kept getting louder and Pelosi just kept trying to ramble on, which must have been as funny for the crowd as it was humiliating for Nancy Pelosi. Here’s what Breitbart reports happened:

As the audience grew even more loud in its response, several hecklers are heard yelling “let’s go!” apparently looking for the evening’s entertainment to resume without a politician taking center stage.

The Post report added Pelosi tried to continue her speech, saying the bill would result in “better water and air for our children” as well as “better-paying jobs and lower energy bills for their parents.”

The California representative can also be heard calling for “better water and air for our children” and “better-paying jobs and lower energy bills for their parents.”

Hopefully, Pelosi wasn’t so upset that she needed to rely on her husband, Paul “DUI in Napa Valley” Pelosi, to pick her up and drive her home from the very embarrassing event. Also, perhaps it will wake Pelosi up to the fact that people care more about how the country and its economy are doing than some vague plan to fight the angry sun monster before it gets a degree or two warmer.

By: Gen Z Conservative