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WATCH: French Catholic Loses It When Protester Tries to Interrupt Prayers with Music, What Happened Next is Shocking

What will happen when a Christian service is interrupted by a rude interloper? Generally, nothing. Christians are taught to turn the other cheek and generally do so. They do their best to be the “lambs of Christ” spoken of in the Bible rather than wolves or sheepdogs. So, generally, everything will stay peaceful.

But, some people are cut from a different cloth and don’t intend on turning the other cheek. They’d rather fight when they feel their faith is under attack.

Such appears to have been the case in France, where praying Catholics were disturbed by an apparent migrant (or black Frenchman, who started playing loud music while walking around, obviously for the point of interrupting their prayers. It was as obvious as it was disgusting what he was up to. Watch how they reacted here:

Normally, people would do their best to just let it go and ignore the rude interruption. Jesus teaches us to turn the other cheek, after all. But not the Frenchman in the video.

His fatigue with what was happening is obvious. So he didn’t “turn the other cheek.” He cocked his fist and let it fly in what was more a reenactment of Old Testament values than New Testament teachings.

Describing the event, which reportedly took place in 2016, the Express, a UK paper, says:

Catholics had gathered outside Saint Rita’s Church in northern Paris, close to Sacre-Coeur, to demonstrate against the planned demolition.

As the video begins about a dozen people can be seen kneeling and praying on the street.

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Suddenly as a man walks past the group one of the protesters rises to his feet and strikes him on the head.

[…]The blogger claims the group took exception to the unidentified man playing loud music on his phone.

Saint Rita’s has been closed for over a year but in the aftermath of the murder of Jacques Hamel, a French priest who was killed by Islamists in Rouen last month, the church’s demolition has triggered sit-in protests.

The Metro, another UK paper, added to that report by saying:

The person who filmed the attack posted the video on YouTube where they said the man was ‘chastised for his rudeness’ by a ‘soldier of Christ’.

It is not clear whether the man suffer any serious injuries and no arrests have been made.

So a church was closed because the Islamists had attacked it and some Catholics were protesting that and praying. While doing so, someone tried to interrupt their service by playing loud music on his mobile phone, so one of the praying Frenchman lost his cool and started fighting.

What do you think about that? Do you agree with how he acted? Comment below!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.