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WATCH: Former Scientist Sounds Off On Climate Alarmism, Claims “There Is No Climate Crisis”, Calls Climate Change A “Scam”

In a recent interview on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle”, International Climate Science Coalition Executive Director Tom Harris gave a scathing critique of the current climate alarmism from green activists.

Watch the full interview below.

The segment begins by addressing the whole scientific argument that carbon dioxide emissions are driving a change in the climate.

Harris first explains that there is a belief in the West that we should collectively lower our emissions to set an example for the rest of the world to do so.

“A lot of people will say, well you know Canada for, example, puts out so little Greenhouse Gas emissions that we shouldn’t actually try to reduce because China is double the United States,” he said, “Well, the trouble is people argue, well yes we have to set an example to the world and we have to be good citizens and all that sort of thing.”

Here, Tom points out a couple of important arguments related to climate change. 

The first comes from people who argue that many small Western nations like the UK, Germany, and Canada only represent 1-2% of total global carbon emissions.  So, why should they have to sacrifice their economy when they emit so little while China is by far the largest producer of emissions.

A similar argument is applied to the United States, who roughly produces half of the greenhouse gas emissions that China does.  Why should we let our economy suffer while other global players don’t comply with carbon reduction goals and grow their economic output.

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Then, as Harris illustrates, there are others who argue that developed nations just need to lead the way to “set a good example” for others to follow and not care at all about the economic implications.

But according to Harris, both of these arguments are based on a flawed premise as he emphatically states, “The real underlying thing is that there is no climate crisis.”

Tom goes on to explain some of the scientific flaws that a lot of climate alarmism is predicated on.  For example, Harris was shown data collected by various scientists that found no correlation between the Earth’s temperature and carbon dioxide.

“[The scientists] found no consistent correlation between carbon dioxide and the Earth’s temperature.  At times, CO2 was 1300 percent of today and we were stuck in very cold conditions.  So, it was all over the board,” Harris stated.

He further elaborates how there is quite a bit of dissenting opinion within the scientific community as “there are thousands of scientists” who dispute that climate change is solely caused by our carbon emissions.  He further states, “There are thousands references here which talk about the fact that there is no foundation to the climate scare, it is all based on models that don’t work.”

Supporting Harris’ claims, the decorated scientist, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Princeton University Will Happer, suggested that it is impossible even with today’s technology to accurately predict the future climate due to vast complexities.

The interview then touches on how it seems like the scientific community has become so dogmatic with climate change, unwilling to even hear anything that challenges their notions.  They will label those with dissenting research as “climate change deniers” and stigmatize them as being unscientific.

That is the very antithesis of science, as it should always be challenged with new ideas and research in an effort to seek the truth.

Harris challenges the idea that climate change is “settled science”, rather claiming it to be “an immature science” since we have spent relatively little time studying it and have failed to accurately make predictions over the decades.

If what Harris says it true, we should not be squandering our energy independence and, even worse, hurting the poor all around the world for the sake of a nonexistent crisis.


-Macro Conservative

Feature Image comes from screenshot in embedded video.