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WATCH: Florida Carjacker Instantly Regrets Running from Cops After K9 Takes a Bite Out of Crime

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

Maybe a little shoplifting as a teenager? Sneak out of the house after the parents went to bed? (We always knew). Had a few too many and sent some unfortunate drunk texts?

Point is, we all do dumb stuff occasionally. The key is to not hurt anyone, including yourself. Also, really not a good idea to break the law.

I’d also suggest NOT jacking a car and attempting a foot race with a police dog. That is never going to work out. At least for the runner. The police dog is going to have a GREAT time!

Recently a Florida man decided to try his luck in a footrace with a hungry police dog. Needless to say, McGruff took a bite out of crime. Literally. Let’s chew on the details with the Daily Mail:

The incident occurred on July 31 in Ocala at around 4:30 p.m., when Matthew Gebert, 29, was trying to flee the scene of a stolen vehicle on foot.

Cops had located the stolen vehicle earlier and tried to conduct a traffic stop when Gebert tried to make his getaway, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Let’s be clear here, Mathew’s first mistake was jacking the car. The second mistake was running. How often does running work out? I’d go on to the third mistake, but based on Usain Bolt’s rap sheet here, I don’t have enough space in the article to keep going.

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Ok, maybe Mathew is fleet afoot enough to outrun a police officer, we don’t know his forty-yard dash time. Probably isn’t as fast a Jax though.

See, Jax the police dog is a good boy. A very good boy. And a very fast boy.

In a pursuit caught on bodycam video footage, K-9 Corporal Calvin Batts and his partner Jax were able to take Gebert down. 

Jax ended up taking a bite out of Gebert’s backside as he and Batts were able to get the suspect under control. 

So Jax is sitting in the car all day, riding around in the AC, and all he wants to do is run and chase squirrels. And perps. I suspect the perps are easier to catch, and more fun.

German Shepards can hit top speeds of around 30 miles an hour, much faster I suspect than our boy Mathew here. Their bite also exceeds 230 PSI. That’s 230 pounds per square inch kids, not fun, especially on the butt. Just ask Mathew. Or watch the video. That’s as close as I want to get.

The 29-year-old also was driving the stolen car with a suspended license and active felony probation. 

He’s also being charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, fleeing to elude a law enforcement officer, resisting without violence, driving without a valid license, and violation of probation.

Well, looks like Mathew is going to have some quiet time to himself to gather his thoughts and heal up. I suspect the bedding in county lockup isn’t exactly a plush, pillow top so he will need to get accustomed to sleeping on his side.

That’s an impressive rap sheet, even if his forty time wasn’t enough to land him in the first round.

Hopefully prison won’t be too ruff on Mathew and his fellow inmates won’t dog him too much. I will pass on any bone jokes. Prison is bad enough.

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News