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WATCH: Father Gives Three-Year-Old Son’s Murderer a Courtroom Beatdown, Court Responds in Shocking Manner

What would you do if someone murdered your son? What if the boy was a wee three years old and had been killed in a horrific manner after his mother was murdered by the same vicious killer?

Most people, particularly those whose spirits haven’t been completely crushed by these times of softness, would have trouble keeping their emotions in check and not exacting at least some degree of vengeance for their murdered son.

Well that’s what happened in an Ohio courtroom, where a boy’s father delivered a brilliant beatdown to the murderer of his son, a vicious criminal who (allegedly) killed the boy by tossing him in the icy waters of the Ohio River; the boy’s body has still not been found.

Reporting on that smackdown and the circumstances surrounding it, Fox 19 reports that:

The biological father of Nylo Lattimore on Thursday attacked the man accused of murdering the young boy.

Surveillance video footage provided by the Hamilton County Shershows the physical altercation.

Desean Brown, 22, is accused of fatally stabbing Nylo’s mother, Nyteisha Lattimore, before placing the 3-year-old in the Ohio River in December 2020.

Mediaite, adding more context to the horrific killing, notes that:

Police say Brown was motivated to kill Nylo and Nyteisha Lattimore after the latter miscarried his child. The killing of her three-year-old, an officer said in court, was revenge for the lost pregnancy.

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Watch the smackdown here:

As you can see in the video, just before the hearing began, the boy’s father was overcome with emotion and jumped up from his seat after sensing an opportunity to land a few blows on the boy’s murderer, rushing up to the table where the (alleged) murderer was sitting and punched him in the side of the head before proceeding to beat him savagely.

While most Americans would be understanding in such a situation and give the distraught father a very light tap on the wrist as punishment, if any punishment at all (many might give him a medal and offer to buy him a beer at the first opportunity), the Ohio judge sided with the criminal over the father.

Fox 19 reported on that aspect of the situation too, saying:

Following the incident, Judge Megan Shanahan found Hughes in contempt of court and sentenced him to seven days at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

“Judge Megan Shanahan and the Hamilton Sheriff’s Office would like to emphasize that this behavior will not be tolerated in the courthouse,” Woods said.

What behavior? Teaching a child-murderer a civics lesson?

The double murder happened in December of 2020, about a year and a half ago, and justice has still not been served. Though the murderer is being held without bail and faces the death penalty, he hasn’t been punished yet. That despite his guilt being obvious and the horrific nature of the crime. So of course the father acted; perhaps if the justice system had done its job in a timely manner, he wouldn’t have needed to.

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