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WATCH: Far-Left Democrat SQUIMS, Dodges Question When Asked for PROOF about Crazy Jan 6th Claims by CNN Host

The complete farce that is the leftist persecution of Republicans under the guise of the January 6th committee became even more farcical and ridiculous when Rep. Liz Cheney did her best to slander and attack her fellow Republicans, accusing them of asking for pardons in the wake of the events at the Capitol.

Specifically, she said that Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and “multiple other Republican congressmen also sought president pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election.”

She offered no proof as to that claim, nor did Rep. Jamie Raskin, another Trump-hater that pushed the line about Perry and the others asking for pardons, though at least he’s a Democrat rather than a turncoat.

In any case, CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Dana Bash surprisingly pressed Raskin about the claim during a segment of her show on Sunday, demanding he present evidence as to his wild claims.

First, she asked him what evidence he had, not if he had evidence, seemingly believing him but noting that one of the chief congressmen involved, Perry, is denying the allegation.

Speaking on that and asking Raskin about his evidence, Bash said:

I want to ask you about pardons. You revealed this week that multiple Republican members of Congress sought pardons from President Trump after the insurrection. How many of your colleagues in Congress did that? And what evidence do you have? Because you know that Congressman Scott Perry is denying it.

Raskin dodged the question, giving his opinion on what asking for a pardon would show but not really offering any evidence to prove his claims. He said:

Yes. Well, the seeking of pardons is powerful demonstration of the consciousness of guilt, or at least the consciousness that you may be in trouble. And that’s what’s so shocking about this. It’s not just one. It’s…

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Perhaps, though it could also be a demonstration of knowledge that bloodthirsty Democrats of the Raskin sort would persecute anyone who got in their way, but that’s not what Bash asked Raskin.

No, she asked him for proof, none of which he gave. So she cut him off, asking again what evidence he had as to the allegations, saying “And you have evidence that has happened?

And that’s when Raskin started squirming, getting obviously nervous and not wanting to deal with the question and saying “It is multiple members of Congress, as the vice chair said, at our opening hearing. And, all in due course, the details will surface.

So no, he didn’t have evidence. To her credit, Bash pressed Raskin on the issue once more, asking “So, yes, there’s evidence?

But again Raskin offered nothing other than vague generalities, saying:

We’re everything we’re doing is documented by evidence. Unlike the big lie, which is based on nonsense, as former Attorney General Barr said, everything that we’re doing is based on facts. And this is a bipartisan investigation, which is determined to ferret out all of the facts of what happened.

So he claims, though no evidence has actually been presented yet, either by Raskin or Liz Cheney the RINO.

Watch the cringe-inducing congressman squirm here:

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