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Watch: DeSantis Utterly Humiliates Far-Left Reporter

During a press conference, a reporter, Evan Donovan of WFLA, tried to ambush Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a “gotcha” question about HB 1557, a bill that critics have ridiculously labeled the “don’t say gay” bill.

For some reason proud of his performance (he shouldn’t have been) Donovan posted the interaction on Twitter, so you can watch it here:

As you can hear, Donovan begins with his “gotcha” question, asking “Can I ask you about parental rights in education, what critics call the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill is on the Senate?

DeSantis, not ensnared by the question but obviously more than a tad mad about the unfair depiction of the bill, snaps back at Donovan, saying:

Does it say that in the bill? Does it say that in the bill?

Donovan, trying to give a smart retort in response, says “I’m asking you.

After a bit more of a back and forth, DeSantis finally got into high gear and decimated Donovan, humiliating him merely by speaking the truth and saying:

The idea that you wouldn’t be honest about that and tell people what it actually says. It’s why people don’t trust people like you because you peddle false narratives. 

And so we disabuse you of those narratives. We’re going to make sure that parents are able to send their kid to kindergarten without having some of this stuff injected into their school curriculum.

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It was the perfect response to Donovan’s obvious attempt at gotcha journalism, one that was received well by the crowd, which heartily applauded DeSantis’ remarks.

Yet better, DeSantis’ response wasn’t just bluster or a “wreck the libs” half-truth. It was an accurate depiction of the bill which, far from making it illegal to say “gay,” is about not propagandizing to toddlers.

As you can read if you check the text of the bill, it doesn’t say “gay” once. Rather, it’s about keeping dangerous ideologies and perverted practices away from young children who need to learn to read, write, and count, not about why they should transition their gender.

Hence why the bill provides “A school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students” and not “Don’t say gay.”

That seems like common sense, and indeed probably would be in a sane world, but unfortunately isn’t, as ours is full of leftists that want to propagandize to children about sex, which is more than a bit creepy.

Kyle Becker of Trending Politics, describing the creepy left’s insane reaction to the bill, included a clip of a leftist losing it and said “It’s not controversial to tell educators to keep their sexual opinions to themselves when deadling with kindergartners and elementary schoolers. That didn’t stop many Woke observers from melting down in response to their warped reading of the bill.

Indeed; it shouldn’t be controversial, but for some reason is. We have the looney left to thank for that.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.