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WATCH: DeSantis Gives Major Update about Casey DeSantis’ Cancer Situation

On April 29th, 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shared some major news about the health of Casey DeSantis, his wife, during a press conference, saying.

We really appreciate everybody who’s prayed for her and for us over these many, many months, and at the end of the day it was not an easy thing for anyone to go through but I can tell you the prognosis couldn’t be better and I look forward to her being out and about more so than ever.

Team DeSantis also tweeted out the great news about Casey DeSantis’ health, saying:

Florida’s amazing First Lady has completed her FINAL radiation treatment!

Thanks to all for praying hard for @CaseyDeSantis . 🙏🏼

We have a feeling we’ll be listening to a few more times this year. 🐊

That tweet was in response to a tweet from Casey DeSantis, in which she also shared a health update and a message of gratitude directed toward her doctors and those that helped her get healthy again. She said:

Trust in God. Thank you for all the prayers 🙏

…and yes, Governor, can’t wait to come back!

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BTW, for my final radiation treatment they played Sweet Florida by the Van Zant brothers 💪❤️😎

(…to my radiation team, thank you for everything)

Watch the announcement here:

That news comes after a wonderful announcement he made back in March of 2022 that Casey was cancer-free, at which time he said:

Hi, this is Governor Ron DeSantis. I have a positive update about my wife Casey DeSantis. After going through both treatment and surgery for breast cancer, she is now considered cancer free. All of you who have given thoughts and prayers to my family and my wife, thank you. It’s lifted her spirits and made a tremendous difference.

“For all the women out there who are going through breast cancer right now – you can overcome this. I know it’s very difficult, but my wife is proof positive, and this is the exact type of news we had hoped for. She still has more to do, but I’m confident she’s going to make a full recovery. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all.

Watch that cheerful announcement here:

Governor DeSantis originally announced his wife’s cancer diagnosis in October of 2021, saying at the time that:

As the mother of three young children, Casey is the centerpiece of our family and has made an impact on the lives of countless Floridians through her initiatives as First Lady.

“As she faces the most difficult test of her life, she will have not only have my unwavering support but the support of our entire family, as well as the prayers and well wishes from Floridians across our state. Casey is a true fighter, and she will never, never, never give up.

Thank goodness that odyssey is finally over for the DeSantis family and Casey responded well to the radiation treatments!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.