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WATCH: Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Says To “Treat Them [White People] Like Sh*t”

In a shocking undercover interview obtained by Project Veritas, U.S. senate candidate Krystal Matthews made extremely anti-white, racist comments.

In the recording she states, “I’m no stranger to white people, I’m from a mostly white town.  And let me tell you one thing: You oughta know who you’re dealing with, like … you gotta treat them like sh*t, I mean … that’s the only way they’ll respect you.”

Watch the full recording here.

Matthews continued, “I keep them right here, like under my thumbs.   That’s where I keep it, like…you have to, otherwise they get outta control like kids.”

In the latter half of the video Project Veritas also acquired a recorded phone call between Matthews and an inmate in a South Carolina jail, where they were discussing political operations.

Why in the world would a senate candidate be discussing their political initiatives with a convicted criminal?  Just wait until you see what they were discussing.

The recorded phone call between Matthews and the criminal details a plan to improve political engagement by, and I kid you not, putting criminal gang members in suits and using them as political operatives.

Racist Matthews said, “We need somebody who understands street gangs that we can clean up and put in a f*****g suit.  [Somebody] that knows like, again, we all working towards the same goal and we all know what the play is.  Almost like a secret society, exclusive membership.”

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Hmm…violent thug gangs and U.S. senate candidates working toward the same goal?

That’s honestly not even shocking at this point considering what we’ve witnessed over the past several years, where liberal politicians have directly supported Black Lives Matter looting, rioting, and burning down our cities.

In many cases, even raising funds to bail them out of jail so they can go back on the streets and continue the chaos.

The criminal behind bars Matthews was speaking with, offered a contact of his who he thought would be a valuable political asset to Matthews.

“We got this one, one young brother that be on the front line with me when I was out there, right, making money.  He’s organized… He’s a blood [an organized gang member] but he’s very political, very political.  You know what I’m saying,” the convict stated.

Matthews responded by saying she would “test him” to see if he could be a political figure that could benefit them.

Wow, so it appears the bloods are expanding into politics now.  Talk about diversifying your business.

Ultimately, this is the product of progressive liberals politicizing race for years. 

They have been pushing  poisonous ideologies, such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), and it is having tangible effects on society.

CRT, which has its root in Marxist beliefs, teaches that the inequities we see in society are the cause of an inherent oppressor who is attacking the oppressed.

In other words, this theory posits that whites are the source of all problems faced by minorities in America.

This, and other similar ideological constructs, has created a fervent anti-whiteness that is manifesting itself in our academic institutions, corporations, and politics as demonstrated here.

This is racism, plain and simple, and it’s a shame our country will tolerate this kind of hateful speech.


-Macro Conservative


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  1. Blacks already do treat whites like sh!t–and nothing is said about it. But the least criticism of a black, and whites get fired, sued, canceled by social media and called racist.

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