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WATCH: Cops Clobber Woman Attempting to Assault Them as They Arrest Her Murder Suspect Boyfriend

If the trashiness of the average American in these modern times can be underscored, bolded, circled, and highlighted all at once by one single thing, it’s by the type of “men” that many women choose to shack up with.

Gone are the days of Gone with the Wind-type courtship like between Scarlett and the Fontaine boys. Now are the times of women hooking up and shacking up with poorly dressed, sloppily groomed, foul-mouthed…murder suspects.

Oh, and they’re going to fight cops on the behalf of those murder suspect lovers of theirs, as a recent, highly entertaining video out of New York City shows.

In that leftist hellhole, the “Rotten Apple,” as I like to call it, the NYPD was trying to arrest an attempted murder suspect on the street. Seems reasonable; they think he murdered a guy and want to lock him up so that he…can’t try to murder anyone else.

Well, the attempted murder suspect’s trashy ladyfriend decided to try and prevent that and assaulted the arresting officers.

Because if there’s one thing that’s bound to end productively, it’s throwing hands with guys in body armor. Watch the results of that experiment in reverse gallantry (and read the ridiculous caption of an obvious cop-hater) here:

He has ZERO business being a police officer & should be fired immediately. @ericadamsfornyc do you have the moral courage to publicly condemn this ? You can’t be #BackTheBlue regardless if they are right or wrong. That’s not leadership

“LOL” is probably the only correct reaction to all of that, from the absurd caption to the content of the video.

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For one, the cop is in no way a bad guy for clobbering the chick that was assaulting him. He’s a law enforcement officer and needs to be able to, well, enforce the law without some berserk midwit with noodle arms bashing his body armor as he deals with a suspect.

Letting her assault him, even if it didn’t inhibit the arrest of the gentleman suspected of murder, would have set the wrong precedent.

Introducing her to the concrete sidewalk was the right decision and will perhaps serve as a reminder to onlookers that cops shouldn’t be assaulted when going about their duties.

Then there’s the video itself. There’s something to be said for a man standing up for his woman, particularly if she’s deserving of such gallantry. Such is the stuff of medieval romances.

But a good rule of thumb is that if a woman has to fight on behalf of her man (except for fringe scenarios), then he’s probably not the type that’s worth sticking around for.

And the gallant gal in this video probably should have realized that. The guy being arrested doesn’t quite seem like an upstanding citizen with a bright future ahead of him; assaulting an LEO on his behalf was probably the exact opposite of the right call.

But these are trashy times full not of knights and their fair maidens or cotton fields and cavaliers. Instead, we have scenes like the one in the above video. So in terms of representing America, it seems quite good.

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Featured image credit: compilation of Twitter screengrabs