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WATCH: Conservative Country Star Leads Crowd in Epic FJB Chant!

Those of you who don’t already know who Aaron Lewis is need to give him a lookup. He’s awesome; his music is great, he is the opposite of woke, and the songs he sing generally carry good messages.

Not only that, but he’s also not at all a fan of Joe Biden, as can be seen in the below video, where he led his crowd in singing not one of his songs, but rather the “chant heard ’round the world” at the time: f*** Joe Biden!


Now that’s awesome. I aspire to one day be at a concert where the singer starts mercilessly harassing a much-despised Democrat president. It seems awesome.

Now what happened here, for context, is that Lewis heard people who were attending the concert trying to get the classic chant going. Then, rather than just ignoring them and continuing to sing, or doing what many singers would have done and gone on a rant about how wonderful Democrat leadership is, he joined them and kicked the chant into high gear! Now that’s a singer whose concert I’d want to attend!

Louder with Crowder, giving more background on Lewis’ conservative credentials, notes that:

Aaron Lewis made news this year with his #1 hit “Am I the Only One.” Leftists tried getting him canceled because the lyrics didn’t praise the glory of socialism. Those leftists failed at doing so. Lewis joins cats like John Ondrasik (of Five for Fighting Fame) as mainstream artists who are willing to speak out about how terrible Joe Biden is at being president.

The FJB chants have, at this point, mostly died out. Whether people have grown tired of them or, because of the cold of winter, just stopped attending events where crowds could really be whipped into an FJB frenzy, they aren’t happening as much as they used to.

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Perhaps, if we share a few old clips like this and remind people of how awesome the chants were, we can get the trend going again and use them to remind Americans that their idiotic Emperor has no clothes! Or, I suppose, to slightly modify the title of the old tale, the senile president has no brains or support.

So share this article to remind people how great the chants were and see if we can get them going again! Between the inflation, the continual excuses for all that’s gone wrong, and the utter disaster that is the Joe Biden White House, Brandon sure deserves the constant mockery.

Remember, Brandon is the president who, in a recent speech, said “Let me tell you about this ultra MAGA agenda. It’s extreme, as most MAGA things are.

He despises you, views you as an extremist for wanting America to be #1, and has no shame about what he and his team are doing to the country. So let’s get those FJB chants going again to show what all of us really think of him!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

12 thoughts on “WATCH: Conservative Country Star Leads Crowd in Epic FJB Chant!”

  1. Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of our country. the king of treason, blatant lying, single handed destruction of America and scum of the earth communist dictator. Mike Pence should be ashamed of stabbing Donald Trump in the back and allowing these commies to take over our country. He could have prevented all of this destruct America BS. Democrats alike should be ashamed of their little weasel, cheating, lying illegally installed in the White House so called President. FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If anyone believes that the 2020 election “Wasn’t Stolen.” They really should seek psychiatric counseling. When a candidate has only 5 or 6 campaign rally’s attended by less than 60 people. Two of which broke into arguments between Biden and people attending. Then he wins the election with the most votes in American history. And there are enough stupid Americans to accept that result? Maybe Biden was the best president for an American population of idiots.

    1. There’s a red wave a common we all know left libarlism is a mental disorder I’m a patriot and the direct decendate of Betsy Ross

  3. There is no doubt that Biden could have never legally won the election, I have only found three people in Carson City Nevada that admit to have voted for him. Of course I am a REPUBLICAN and I don’t know many Democrats here.

  4. paul everhart jr

    if this is the way this country is run god HELP US/ GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE AND OUT OF ARE COUNTRY TAKE HIS SON WITH HIM ASS.

  5. Biden and his administration hate America and the American people so why do they continue to live here. They should move to a communist country and live their dreams and leave us alone.

  6. What’s currently happening appears to be an effort to reduce the standard of living of the American people. On an individual basis Americans personally consume much more than the average “Earth Citizen!” No resource on earth is infinite in supply. At the increased rate of consumption by every person on earth due to an increase in technology is the worst thing for our planet. When our resources are depleted, it’s “Game Over!” Then the “SH*T” hits the fan.

      1. Why can’t these people be impeached? I will never vote democrat,but my goodness the Republicans seem so weak.

    1. Catherine anderson

      Why cannot we get a huge group of American people to go and stand outside the white house and chant fjb over and over and over again love to see that happen then they can chant fnp fkh fcs pelosi Harris and schummer

      1. should have something like the million man march on DC. bad thing is we all have to work unlike the last million man march

  7. Yes, there are “laws” that govern everything that we do. All laws have cause and effect. Thre are laws in astro-physics, gas laws (Boyle’s law), economics (supply and demand), economic geography (raw mareials)earth science (raw materials usage), natural laws (a combination of above) and the laws expressed in the U.S Constitution.
    Political Science has no place in the above conglomeration of laws, all of which are intertwined and are the controling factors of how things MUST be.
    Political science is the equivalant of putting sugar in a gas tank. It’s sweet going in but, but once inside, creates havoc in the engine and will cause irreparable harm.

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