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WATCH: Alex Jones CALLS OUT Epstein’s Relationship with the Clinton’s During Trial, Leaves Attorney Speechless

The embattled, nearly bankrupt host of InfoWars, Alex Jones, didn’t hold his tongue and take a lashing from the opposing attorney while taking the stand during his civil trial.

Rather, when presented with a past claim he’s made about elites being pedophiles, he dropped a brilliant one-liner that left the opposing attorney speechless and went absolutely viral on the internet.

As background, Jones took the stand to address questions from the attorney of the Sandy Hook parents who sued him over statements he made about the Sandy Hook shooting being fake. That attorney’s name is Mark Bankston.

Bankston was attempting to make Jones look ridiculous by bringing up a claim Jones has repeatedly made that America’s elites and government officials are pedophiles engaged in the sexual abuse of children. Evidently he forgot about Epstein, as Jones near-instantly hit him with that point and shut him up, if only briefly.

The Daily Caller provided this dialogue and summary of the legendary exchange:

“One of the things you’ve been talking about a lot recently on your show, even within the past couple of months, is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking and the grooming of children, right?” Bankston asked Jones.

You mean like, what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Clintons?” Jones immediately responded, apparently referring to notorious convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein who reportedly had a close, personal relationship with former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.

It’s even better watching him say it than reading it, with this hilarious cut of the exchange that combines a famous Joe Rogan going crazy clip with Jones’ brutal smackdown of the opposing attorney being perhaps the best cut of the exchange that was released:

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As many of you probably know already, Alex Jones had been warning about Epstein’s pedophile operation years before it entered the public consciousness, calling Epstein out for his sick crimes years before Epstein was first convicted in 2008. At that time his rants about Epstein were called a conspiracy theory. Now…not so much.

Even Joe Rogan admitted Alex Jones was right about Epstein, decades before Epstein’s sinister crimes came to light, as you can watch here:

Further, while conflating Bill Clinton’s relationship with Epstein with the whole host of charges Rogan has made about pedophiles might be a bit of a step too far, it’s probably not overly outrageous that he brought Clinton up as an example of his not being totally wrong on that count, as For the Love of News reported, saying:

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Jeffrey Epstein went to the White House 17 times during the early years of Bill Clinton’s time in office. The Daily Mail which was also able to obtain visitor records reveals that the wealthy convicted pedophile, who passed away in 2019, had visited the Clinton White House twice on the same day on three separate occasions.

During one of his trips, on September 29, 1993, Epstein went to an event at which he and his claimed mistress who has now been convicted of child sex trafficking Ghislaine Maxwell, were photographed beside Bill Clinton. The event was held in recognition of the financier’s donation of $10,000 to assist in the renovation of the building.

Epstein made his first trip to the White House on February 25, 1993, according to the visitor records, which were acquired by the Mail via a request made to the Clinton Presidential library. This was only a little over a month after the Democrat was sworn into office for the first time. According to the report, during that particular visit, his destination was indicated as “WW,” which seems to stand for the West Wing, and his invitation was extended by “Rubin.”

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