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WATCH: Abused Foster Child Rips School Board, Demolishes “Privilege” Concept in Stunning Statement

A young, abused foster child demolished a school board around this time a year ago, in 2021, absolutely demolishing the idea of “white privilege” by sharing a sickening, heartbreaking story about her childhood and exposing the lie that is the line pushed by woke educators about whites and the anguish is causes their victims.

In the emotional, incredibly powerful speech, the girl says:

I was told I have white privilege. How can a child born in an abusive drug and alcohol abuse home, who lost her entire biological family, that has experienced all forms of abuse … be privileged?

If you found a child at fifteen months in a home with holes in the floor eating cat poop, would you consider them privileged? Just asking because when I was told that, I was so upset I cried myself to sleep.

Watch her heartbreaking, powerful speech here: Video

What an amazing speech and brave young woman. Louder with Crowder, commenting on the video, said:

Videos like this are helpful and necessary. Hopefully, it encourages others to speak out about what’s going on in their local government. Parents tend to get angry when you come after their kids. It’s getting to be a time where we take the camera off the speakers and put them on the school board members listening. Have them explain if they feel bad at all over what they’re putting students like this brave girl through. Force them to have to explain what education value these various examples of rebranded Marxism they want to indoctrinate student with have.

And watch Charlie Kirk demolish the white privilege idea here:

What the woke loons are attempting to push on America is not only wrong, but also heartbreaking. People of all conditions exist in this vast land, whatever their race or ethnicity. There are rich whites and poor whites, well-raised whites and abused whites, with the same dynamic playing out for all the races.

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But the left doesn’t want to accept that: it’d rather pretend all whites are privileged and evil, as that idea plays into the anti-white ideology of the left.

Demolishing that ideology was an excellent article in the Critic, in which the author demolished the “white privilege” concept and exposed that it’s really class privilege, saying:

So what’s in the “invisible knapsack”? All told, Peggy finds 26 benefits she enjoys thanks to her ethnicity. True, some of these “privileges” can plausibly be ascribed to all white people. Number 15, for instance, is, “I am never asked to speak for all the people of my racial group,” although that’s exactly what she’s doing in this article. But others are laughably Peggy-specific, such as number eight: “If I want to, I can be pretty sure of finding a publisher for this piece on white privilege.”

And some of them so clearly apply to members of her affluent peer group that they’re almost comically revealing — like number two: “If I should need to move, I can be pretty sure of renting or purchasing housing in an area which I can afford and in which I would want to live.”

It seems pretty obvious that Peggy McIntosh has confused class privilege with racial privilege. That is, she has led such a pampered existence and had so little contact with people outside her Harvard-Radcliffe bubble that she assumes all whites enjoy the same advantages as her — and not just in the United States, but across the Western world. Which is pretty offensive if you’re a victim of America’s opioid epidemic known as the “white death” because it disproportionately affects white people in the American South. One wonders how many victims Dr McIntosh has known? A survey of white adults born after World War II showed that between 1980 and 2000, just 18.4 per cent of white Baptists and 21.8 per cent of Irish Protestants — the main white ethnic groups to settle in the South — managed to get college degrees, compared to a national average of 30.1 per cent. Among those Americans of Chinese and Indian descent, the average was 61.9 per cent.

In England, working-class whites are doing equally badly when it comes to higher education. A 2015 report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that white British pupils in the lowest socio-economic quintile are 10 per cent less likely to participate in higher education than any other ethnic group in that quintile. But it isn’t just whites from disadvantaged backgrounds who are struggling. According to the Department for Education, whites in general made less progress in England’s schools in 2018 than Asians, blacks or Chinese.

Good for the young woman in the video for making such a brave point, one that few even on the right are willing to make!

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