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Was Joe Biden Wearing a Wire During the 1st Presidential Debate? Probably Yes

So, Was Joe Biden Wearing a Wire?

Some of us might have been surprised by the first debate between Biden and Trump. While Trump certainly won it, Biden did have a better than expected performance. He showed himself to be senile and radical, yes, as that’s the truth about the Biden Campaign, but he also seemed semi-coherent and cognizant for most of the event. He was far less lively than Trump, but was able to speak far better than he normally is. So, that begs the question, was Joe Biden wearing a wire?

And before you exit out of this article on “was Joe Biden wearing a wire?” because that question seems so ridiculous, know that I’m not just making this up. This isn’t a clickbait article- it’s a real dive into a certain part of the Trump/Biden debate where it looked like Joe Biden was wearing some sort of microphone/wire. It might have just been a crease in his shirt and a pen in his sleeve. I fully acknowledge that. But, it also looks like he might have been wearing a wire.

Problem 1: Biden Refused to Be Inspected for a Listening Device or Wire, So It is Likely that Biden was Wired Up

Before jumping into the wire it appeared Biden was wearing, which is why it is worth asking “was Joe Biden wearing a wire during the debate?,” remember that Biden refused to be inspected for an ear-piece before the debate. 

Originally, he had said that he would be inspected to prove that he was not wearing anything that would help his handlers feed him information. He (or more likely his handlers) didn’t want people like me asking “was Joe Biden wearing a wire?,” so he was going to put the issue to bed by allowing an impartial third party to inspect him for any sort of device. 

But then, all the sudden, the Biden Campaign changed course. Here’s what the Washington Times said happened: 

“Joe Biden’s handlers several days ago agreed to a pre-debate inspection for electronic earpieces but today abruptly reversed themselves and declined,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh.From: Washington Times

What happened? Who knows. It could have been anything. Maybe they just did not like being asked to do so. But, realistically, it looks like Biden was hiding something. And that’s before we even get into the clip.

The Clip that Made Me Ask “Was Joe Biden Wearing a Wire?”

Watch it all the way through. Look closely. At the end of the clip, after he fumbles around a bit, it looks like a curved wire popped out of Biden’s suit. When I first saw that video on James Woods’s Twitter, I thought “was Joe Biden wearing a wire during the first debate?” But then thought “no way, it must just be a glitch. Joe might be bad, but he wouldn’t cheat so blatantly.”

Call me naive, but I didn’t think he was as corrupt as the Clinton crime family. I didn’t think he would cheat like that. But then I saw the second clip and again thought “was Joe Biden wearing a wire during the debate?” And, after seeing it, my thought was “Yup, he definitely was.”

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Yup, something is sticking out of Joe Biden’s sleeve. What was it? Who knows. But it sure looks like a listening device of some sort. The combination of that device and the wire popping out of his suit was just too much evidence to be a conclusion. Unless someone can present a better explanation, I think it is pretty clear that Biden was wearing a listening device of some sort.

Additionally and finally, here’s a diagram that might be a helpful explainer about what the wires we saw might have been. Based on it, it really looks like the answer to “was Joe Biden wearing a wire during the debate?” is “Absolutely, yes!”:

was Joe Biden wearing a wire

Why It Matters that Joe Biden Was Wearing a Wire During the 2020 Presidential Debate

I might be wrong. I hope I am, to be honest. While I certainly want Biden to lose in a landslide, I don’t want to find out that he’s just as much of a cheater and hack as Hillary Clinton, if not worse. 

But, to be honest, after watching those three videos and looking at that diagram, I am pretty convinced that Joe Biden was wearing a wire during the debate and using it to find out what to say. He wouldn’t be inspected for an earpiece, which the Savox device uses. A wire popped out of his jacket. Something poked out of his wrist. Unfortunately for America, all of that probably wasn’t a coincidence.

And make no mistake, the fact that it’s even reasonable to think “maybe” when deciding “was Joe Biden wearing a wire during the presidential debate?” is a huge problem for America. 

It means that the Democrats recognize that Biden is not mentally fit for office but are pushing him anyway. It means Biden will be a pawn for those who are feeding information into his ear, as he obviously can’t think or speak for himself anymore. And, worst of all, it means the Democrats are willing to do anything at all to win in November. 

They might accuse Trump of “breaking norms,” but what was Biden doing if not that? He was having answers fed to him during the debate through a hidden earpiece and speaking device! If that isn’t breaking a norm, then I don’t know what is. 

Look at all the evidence I’ve presented. As far as I know, it’s real. The wire popped out. There was the thing in his sleeve. He wouldn’t be inspected. That’s all very suspicious and is why my answer to “was Joe Biden wearing a wire?” is “Probably yes!” Comment below with what you think!

By: Gen Z Conservative