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Wall Street & Government Corruption: A Recipe For Self-Destruction

World Domination for $500 Alex!

Socialism is teetering on self-destruction again.

In 1900, the USA had the largest economy in the world; its technical and production capabilities were unrivaled.  The corporate structure had been defined in the previous few decades, and each company knew where their lines in the market were delineated.  Growth was reasonable but expansion was limited by the size of our market. The only bubble was a war against Muslims in far-off Asia.

The Federal Reserve was founded in 1913 by the elitist Woody Wilson.  Woody was taken advantage of by the Wall Street crowd who had created a couple of major panics since 1893.  The banks felt if they controlled the money, they could extend their monopolies across the world and eliminate the Panics that hit them in the wallet.

Wilson is the epitome of the academic simpleton whose typical folly we are obliged to endure even today.  The atmosphere of his time was a great deal different from today. The big casinos (banks) wanted a way to cushion their mistakes with someone else to pay the bill for any mistakes.  By appealing to Wilsons’ ego, an easy task, they created the Fed disaster and with it the idea of an idyllic world government that has failed for 100 years.

Where would their newfound financial freedom be exercised?  Out of the blue, a great opportunity, a World War, appeared.  Here was an opportunity that could not be missed. The munitions manufacturers such as DuPont and Remington had been shipping arms to Britain since 1915.  The Brits and French were financially tapped out.  What was a poor JP Morgan to do?

A new, underdeveloped, backward economy needed to be located so that colonial type domination and profits by the monopolists could be extended.  The obvious answer was  a backward and rickety Russia. The banks and corporations invaded in 1917 by financing Trotsky and Lenin.  Deals were made and cash was supplied to later benefit Wall Street.  The deceit of the state department and President was incredible.  Wilson allowed the banks to fund the communists who were attacking American troops sent to guard the war supplies in Northern Russia.

The source for the following section is  “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917 to 1965” by Antony Sutton.  This is a detailed documentation of the West building our own rival.  As Lenin supposedly said,  “They will sell us the rope with which we hang them.”  Sutton also has written in detail about the Wall Street connections to both Hitler and Roosevelt and the Russian revolutions.  Excellent works!

From 1920 to1936, 66% of industrial investment in Russia was from the USA. The remaining 34% was from European sources.  The difficulties for JP Morgan, Chase, and the manufacturers were many in Russia, but there was much gold available to smooth the rough spots. The Russians culturally have little workforce efficiency, and there was a very small in-country technology base.  The engineers remaining in the country had been trained under the old regime and were suspects for sabotage. This situation left theft and expropriation as the only avenues for obtaining advanced technology.

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Without Wall Street and the USA, Russian communism would not have existed.  Lenin called the importation of  Ford, International Harvester, Standard Oil, and GE plants part of the New Economic Plan.  These efforts allowed Russia to step into the 20th Century.  Wall Street continued to be paid for American technology until about 1965.  

We provided the know-how to our alleged greatest enemy.   The academics and other simpletons jumped aboard the socialist nirvana train to nowhere and spent 75 years lying cheating and stealing to advance an aborted idea.  Big business, of course, knew better and laughed at the leftist dogma proclaiming Russia was leaving us behind with a superior system.  The profits of course, continued to flow. The Russian Communist empire imploded due to its inefficiency caused by political and cultural stagnation.

Today we have China in the identical position of dependence on our technologies. Anthony Sutton predicted this predicament thirty years ago. We created our new rival by greed and lack of foresight.  The lure of a billion customers is incredibly strong, but ultimately self-defeating as offshoring jobs has destroyed our manufacturing base.  This problem started with simple telephone systems and now includes all electronics and rocket technology. Every part of our government has been infiltrated by the Chinese.  The academics have been purchased as well, using the Confucius Institute for infiltration of our colleges.  

The totalitarian system of socialism has always fallen of its own incompetence. China was built on slender reeds by U.S. technology.  We have reached the stage in which their foundations are rotting.  They do not have enough oil, food, or technical infrastructure to continue down their current path.  The Evergrande default last week will rearrange the program from the Belt and Road plan and other financial projects internationally.  Will they survive 75 years?

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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