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Meme: Still Waiting on Biden to Do Something Good for America

If you’re of like minds with the hopeful skeleton in the meme, you’ll likely be waiting just as long, if not longer, for Biden to do something good for America. The problem is, he’s too senile to do so and his administration is full of anti-American radicals.

Not content with making us a laughing stock on the world stage by letting the Taliban beat us, they’re ruining America at home too. Our supply chains are shot, inflation is up, crime is up, the Fed’s money printers keep churning out cash, and Americans are anything but unified. That’s Biden’s America for ya.

As Heritage puts it, summarizing the Biden train wreck:

The past few days have been among the most painful in over half a century for the United States on the international stage. The fall of Kabul to the Taliban following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is a humiliation for the world’s superpower. It may take decades before America’s standing is restored, and faith in American leadership is fully revived.

[…]Unfortunately, the Afghanistan debacle is not an aberration for the Biden presidency. It exemplifies the Biden approach. On practically every foreign policy front, the Democratic presidency is driving U.S. decline.

On a visit to London this past week, where I met with British officials and MPs, I was struck by the tremendous disillusionment expressed with the Biden administration, a sentiment shared by many of their counterparts in the European Union, especially in eastern and central Europe. As one senior British politician put it, Biden makes Barack Obama, whose own advisers famously boasted of America “leading from behind”, look like wartime leader FDR by comparison.

From Biden’s disgraceful surrender to Moscow over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, to his shameless appeasement of the Iranian regime in his doomed efforts to revive the flawed and failed nuclear deal, this is a president who kowtows to America’s enemies, while kicking U.S. allies such as Israel and Poland. Even the special relationship is under threat as the White House puts a U.S.-U.K. trade deal on ice while arrogantly lecturing Brexit Britain over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

[…]Biden’s presidency has been a monumental disaster at home, too. From its appalling handling of the massive border crisis to saddling the American people with trillions of dollars of additional debt, it has lost any real credibility. While undermining American power globally, the Biden-Harris administration, the most Left-wing in U.S. history, has presided over a surge in illegal border crossings, with more than one million migrants entering the United States this year through the southern border with Mexico. The de facto open-borders approach of the Biden White House is so extreme that even the most socialist and liberal of European governments would dare not go down the same path.

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That’s Biden’s Administration for you. He’s a disaster, both at home and abroad. Under Trump, inflation was low, the economy was growing steadily, the military was getting stronger, America was energy independent, and our nation was getting freer and freer.

No more. Now we get to deal with millions of illegals running across the border, massive government spending, constant attempts to expand government power, and a president so senile that he pooped his pants while meeting with the pope. Oops. Biden brings a whole new meaning to the term “shitty president.”

So, if you’re waiting on Biden to do something good for America, just keep waiting. It’ll happen after hell freezes over, Rosie O’Donnell jogs a mile, or Slow Joe completes a sentence. My bet’s on hell freezing over before those other two, it’s at least possible.

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