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Voting Age and Abortion

Voting age and Abortion:

Voting Age and Abortion

My Thoughts on Voting Age and Abortion:

It’s a large topic to write about. Well two topics I suppose. Voting age and abortion. But, as this meme shows, they’re interconnected in a weird way; both have (sadly) become political ploys. So, I think it would be prudent to discuss the connection between voting age and abortion rather than trying to fit my thoughts on both into one post.

Voting age and abortion have both become contentious topics lately. Luckily, the voting age one tends to die down. The abortion issue generally remains at the forefront of political conversations, and my general thoughts on it are available in the “My Political Positions” post. That post does a good job of showing the general views of a Gen Z conservative on most large political topics, including abortion.

So, after that long-winded intro, what is the connection between voting age and abortion? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Both topics are complex and nuanced of course, especially to modern, Gen Z conservatives, but the connection between them is simple and pretty easily visible once you start looking. It’s that the Democrats are using both to try to increase their current voter base with no regard for the future.

Whichever party lowers the voting age might initially do well, but will probably end up worse off because of significant backlash. Gen Zers are already a more conservative generation than most. Seeing Democrats make such an obvious power grab would undoubtedly turn them even more conservative, which is great for Gen Z conservatives like myself, but would be bad for Democrats pretty quickly.

Abortion is similar. Yes, Democrats boost their base’s excitement by getting all the more radical on immigration, as I wrote about in “The Democratic Party has Changed.” But, they turn off or away many other Americans who don’t want radical abortion policies. Unfortunately, Republicans have made the same mistake (imo) with the Alabama abortion bill.

It fires up the deep red base, but turns away many moderates. Voting age and abortion are both issues in which moderates who do little are posed to win. Republicans should remember that.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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