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Definite Voter Fraud and Definite Erosion of Norms: The Republic is Struggling

Was There Election Fraud in the 2020 Election? If So, What Will It Lead To?

The Potential Voting Fraud in Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania: What We Know So Far

Well, the election was just as chaotic, if not more so, as the most worried Americans expected. There are allegations of voter fraud in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Supposedly, there were people handing out Sharpies to voters in Arizona so that those ballots would not be counted. As Stephen Crowder discussed in a recent video, it appears that there were some sketchy ballot deliveries in Michigan in the dead of night, from unmarked white vans, right before Biden took the lead. There was also the ~150,000 bump in votes for Biden in Wisconsin and a similarly large bump in Michigan, both of which put Biden in the lead after Trump had been in the lead for most of the night.

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Now, perhaps all of that can be explained and voting fraud was not an issue in this election. Perhaps the Sharpie issue was an honest mistake, or won’t matter because those votes will still be counted. Maybe the ballots that arrived in the dead of night in Michigan were just delayed because of some mix-up. There could be a reasonable explanation for why, in Wisconsin, Biden received 150,000 votes and the other candidates received none at 6 am on November 4th, and similar things happened in Pennsylvania throughout the day. Maybe that explanation holds true for Michigan, too.

It could be true that every state that randomly stopped counting votes at 3 am and then received large bumps for Biden right after they resumed counting actually had a reason to stop counting ballots and weren’t just giving Democrats time to fabricate votes. I’m sure the media was not biased in calling states for Biden and not calling them for Trump when he was winning by similar margins. There could be a reason why conservative polling observers were kicked out of poll-counting facilities while liberals were allowed to stay. And there’s the chance that Project Veritas’s bombshell report on Michigan was made up.

But, it all seems a bit fishy, doesn’t it? There was that awkward moment at the tail-end of the race when Biden said that the Democrats had built the largest and most inclusive voter fraud machine ever, which doesn’t inspire confidence. Plus, It seems odd that every one of these “mix-ups,” or “glitches,” benefited Biden and hurt Trump. I can’t imagine why so many swing states had to stop counting ballots and then, a few hours later, recorded huge numbers of votes for Biden. Or why they refused to admit or sent away conservative poll watchers. And the 150,000 votes in Michigan and Wisconsin are very suspicious. Just look at this graph:

voter fraud in michigan and wisconsin
The Effects of Potential Election Fraud in Wisconsin and Michigan

That’s a vertical line of votes for Biden. He received all 150,000 of those votes in Wisconsin and no other candidate received any in that batch. That is incredibly suspicious, and I still have not heard a reasonable explanation.

So, what are we witnessing? Maybe a misunderstanding. Or, perhaps, the greatest and most blatant case of voter fraud in American history.

A few other conservatives think that too. Here’s what they had to say:

voter fraud in Wisconsin
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voter fraud across america
Election Fraud Across America: Evidence of a Coup?
will republicans do anything about voter fraud?
Will Republicans do anything to fight back against voting fraud?
More Evidence of Voter Fraud in Swing States: Registered Voters are Outnumbered by Votes Cast
More Evidence of Voter Fraud in Swing States: Registered Voters are Outnumbered by Votes Cast
voter fraud in Pennsylvania
Really? Everyone voted for Biden? Not a single vote for Trump? This shows obvious election and voting fraud in Pennsylvania

Where Does this Lead?

I’ll be honest; as with the Biden microphone issue, I have no idea which it was. It could be voter fraud, or it could just be that a few issues have gotten blown out of proportion because of how divided and acrimonious Americans are right now and that the race is too close to call and because we went along with the bad idea of widespread mail-in voting. While I lean towards thinking that it was a case of election fraud, there is no way to know, yet.

But, frankly, that’s not the point. The point is how dangerous of a situation we are in; this is what happens when people start to lose trust in the government and its institutions. When there are accusations of voting fraud, that means people have lost faith in the electoral system, a system that is crucial to America’s continued success in survival. If there are accusations of widespread fraud and corruption in the government, that means people have lost faith in their government’s ability to govern.

And where does that all lead? To civil war. To street fighting. To chaos. Germans in the Weimar Republic stopped trusting the elections and instead battled in the streets and put Hitler in power. When we lost faith in our system in the 1860s, the result was the civil war. Is that what Americans want? Civil war? Hopefully not. It’s not what I want; that would be horrible for everyone, other than the sickest and most twisted among us.

America needs to prevent that descent into chaos. We cannot have Americans fighting each other in the streets, as Antifa thugs and police officers now are. We cannot have to worry about electoral fraud. We’re the United States of America, the greatest republic in history. Not some third-world banana republic or Russia in the 90’s gangster state, where “voting” is just the way the hacks in the government legitimize one-party rule and oppression. We are supposed to be able to have faith in our electoral system. We cannot be a nation with well-founded suspicions of widespread voter fraud. That will end horribly.

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The Breakage of Norms: Who is to Blame?

Now, who is to blame for this? Whose fault is it that Americans are (rightly) worried about widespread voter fraud in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin?

Is it Trump’s fault because he has spoken on that subject repeatedly? Is it the fault of conservative pundits like Michael Knowles and Charlie Kirk that have shown the possible extent of this election fraud? I think not. Shining the light on a problem merely exposes it; it doesn’t cause the problem itself.

No, the fault lies with the Democrats. They’re the ones faking thousands of mail-in ballots to boost Biden in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They’re the ones kicking conservative watchers out of polling stations. Democrats are the ones who have demolished norms, perpetrated frauds, and eroded faith in our democracy. They’re throwing out or burning Republican ballots. They have lied about Trump for years, launched a coup against him, and have shown they will do anything to win.

Who ballot-harvested? Republicans? No, Democrats.

Do any of these glitches and irregularities help Trump? Again, nope, they all help Biden.

Were Republican pollsters the ones who essentially faked polls to make Trump look more behind than he was? No, Trafalgar did a great job; but the Democrat-funded ones were full of lies.

The American people have put up with this for too long. Something needs to be done about it. Quickly.

What Should Conservatives Do to Combat Election Fraud?

So, now that voter fraud of some sort or another looks increasingly likely, what should conservatives do?

Fight. Not violently, of course. DO NOT stoop to the level of Antifa and its Democrat supporters. Political violence is never acceptable in a country that is at least semi-functioning. But fight them at the next ballot box. Go to rallies in support of Republicans. Call out lies and fraud. Demand investigations into it. Always debate and correct our friends on the left when they lie.

We have to be the bigger man. We can’t cheat or fight it out in the streets. We are not they; we won’t cross that line. But we can sue them. We can debate them. Fight the culture war and never regard an issue as lost. That’s how you should combat voter fraud and Democrat-led destruction of American norms.

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Conclusion: Whether It Happened or Not This Time, Voter Fraud is a Problem; It is Corroding the American Republic

This election isn’t lost. I think Trump will win; he remains up in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina and will likely flip Arizona. That would give him 275 electoral votes and hand him the presidency. Plus, we held onto the Senate and diminished their lead in the House.

But, in my view, that’s not the point. This election is important, but not the crucial issue. Nor is voter fraud the biggest issue. Voter fraud in Arizona is bad. Voter fraud in Michigan is bad. Voter fraud in Wisconsin is bad. Voter fraud in Pennsylvania is bad. But, in my view, it is a symptom of the main problem- which is that the Democrat-led destruction of norms in America.

With their support of riots and Antifa, they’ve demolished the idea that political violence is unconscionable. With their use of intelligence agencies to attack Trump, they destroyed the norm that the CIA and FBI should not harass political opponents. By (potentially, but probably) engaging in widespread voter fraud, they destroyed the idea that elections should be sacrosanct and treated with respect. Because of them, our faith in our republic is gone and bad things will potentially follow.

I hope I’m wrong and their was no voter fraud or election fraud. But, based on reports coming out of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, it looks like there was. Trump needs to deal with that. Immediately. Otherwise, Americans will lose all faith in their government and potentially react in the way history shows men do in such situations: with arms. That can’t happen. We need to investigate voter fraud and the other issues from last night.

11/5 Updated: I’ve kept this article in it’s original form, but I would like to add an addendum. The voter fraud is now obvious and definite. Yesterday, 11/4, I thought reports of it might be overblown. Today, with what we’ve seen happen in PA and GA, it looks like there was definite electoral fraud across the nation. That is sickening and they should be ashamed of themselves.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. Trump has remade the Republican Party into the American worker’s party.
    The establishment Republican Party couldn’t wait to sell out the American worker through free trade agreements with China and similar agreements with Mexico and Canada which sold out American workers for money. They thought they would get big bucks political campaign donations from big corporations, just like the Democrats, and they were rights. Big companies took immediate advantage, firing American workers and either importing cheap foreign workers through visa programs or outright offshore manufacturing.
    Romney being the best example, with Cayman Island bank accounts and closing American factories and transferring manufacturing to China. He actually did it, his finger prints are on the pens. So why is Romney so fanatically opposed to Trump? Maybe follow the money.

    • Excellent point. The trade agreements the elites made devastated the American middle class. The elites like Romney and Pelosi hate Trump because he called them on that.

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