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Tyranny in Australia Shows the Value of the 2nd Amendment

Want to understand the value of the 2nd Amendment?

Then look no farther than Australia. That continent-nation, once a wild land renowned for its manly men and their perseverance in the face of dangerous flora and fauna, is now a tyrannical cesspool where the government locks up the entire nation because of Covid deaths (~4 a day) and most citizens sit idly by while those that protest are fired upon by police, bludgeoned by jackbooted thugs, and screamed at by police and military helicopters that surveil cities, keeping everyone locked up inside.

Want to know why the Australians have to suffer under such tyranny?

Well, the answer is simple. It’s because they handed in their guns after a mass shooting.

Australia was once a well-armed nation. Hell, it’s one of the most savage places on Earth, so it had to be. But then, thanks to power-hungry politicians and tyranny-minded “gun reform advocates,” the Australians were disarmed. Now they have no rights and no way to recover the rights that were lost.

Yes, things are bad in America. But, even in the worst states, things aren’t that bad. SS-looking government thugs aren’t whacking anti-lockdown protesters with truncheons (yet, at least). Even in California Americans have more freedom than the best-off Aussie.

Why? Because we’re armed. The government knows that, if it goes too far, there are over a hundred million well-armed patriots ready to do violence to defend their rights. Whatever it takes they’ll do if it means securing a better future for their families.

Now, most of these armed patriots are men that just want to be left alone. They want to run their business, work their land, build their company. They don’t care all that much about politics, about right or left, or about this or that policy. That’s why what resistance there is has been peaceful so far.

But those men do care about ensuring their kids have a future. They care about their own prosperity and opportunity and will defend their rights as Americans. And if the government crosses the line, they will respond.

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That’s why what is happening in Australia can’t happen here, at least so long as there are a few brave patriots out there willing to defend their rights to the last cartridge. We have the 2nd Amendment. They do not. We are well-armed. They are not. We can defend our God-given rights. They do not.

So, when you view the horrible scenes of tyranny streaming out of Australia, don’t just react with horror. Remember why those scenes aren’t coming from the street a few blocks away from you: the 2nd Amendment.

By: Gen Z Conservative.