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Vaccine Totalitarianism: The Newest Tyranny from the Woke Elite

Has the Big Pharma Vaccine Cartel Taken Over the World?  

In the late 2019’s, early 2020’s the world was treated to an export from Western China that was unexpected, unasked for, and unwelcome. A bat Coronavirus, a naturally occurring pathogen that is not known to be transmissible to humans infected a number of Chinese citizens some 300 yards, or a football field’s distance, away from the Wuhan virology lab. This event was brought to the attention of Americans, via a news broadcast, in which images of these Chinese citizens were being welded into their apartments.  

This is not the video I watched at the time, those people were a lot more distraught screaming and begging the authorities to stop. But shortly it was forgotten by US news agencies for a more relevant story, that of the, then POTUS, Donald Trump saying that he was going to restrict travel to America from that region of China and Eastern Europe, where the infection had spread. 

Of course, the American press condemned this as racist and phobic in every newscast some of which featured Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, and NY Senator Chuck Schumer on the other coast, echoing the media and loudly proclaiming that they were open and welcoming to the tourists, not like that racist President. 

I think everyone remembers how that changed as soon as the DNC decided they could hang the entire thing, whatever they were able to turn it into, around Presidents Trump’s neck with the rabid complicity of the Main Stream Media. I am sure that in the halls of Democratic power battle plans and if/then scenarios were flying like fur at a catfight. Whatever the provenance of the virus it was a perfect deflection from the horrible optics of the hoax trials. 

Meanwhile, life went on with a cascade of medical officials gracing the tv screens at increasingly regular intervals whose evolving narrative centered around the US Government (read Bad Orangeman) response to something that happened on the other side of the world and was covered up and lied about by the Chinese. Trump’s missteps, imprecise language, and of course uneven coverage by the press was helping the left box the whole affair around the Presidents neck. Like another President, Nixon, who was hated by the press, the chink in his armor became an opportunity that allowed the opening that was needed to smear the man who had ruined their plans for the girl Clinton to be our ruler. 

Shortly, with Operation Warp Speed and an emergency use operation from the then Commander in Chief, Big Pharma kicked in all their lab space and pharmaceutical brain trust to produce not one but three vaccines, untested and probably things they had sitting on the shelf from  SARS CoV1, and all of which emerged from this unprecedented collaboration between government science and manufacturing. 

I do not want to take away from what still must have been a Herculean effort, but come on, these guys have seen Act 1 too. The original Sars came from the same part of the world, was less transmissible and more deadly which says to me that the original was being worked on to alter its characteristics. There has been no evidence that the DNC commissioned a virus but then again, we were originally assured that there was no way this came from the lab that is a football field distance away from the wet market, we see how that has turned out. 

It is fairly obvious now that the CoV2 virus is a result of ‘gain of function’ manipulation no matter whether anyone is held responsible or not. 

My point is, on the advice of our medical experts, Fauci, Birx, CDC, NIH, WHO, Eco Health Alliance, we shut down the entire country, economy, schools, entertainment, just about everything except the medical establishment. Nurses and doctors were labeled essential workers and got accolades galore, special parking spaces, and even took it upon themselves to entertain us with dancing nurse Tik Tok videos Isn’t Tic Tok a Chinese platform? I went to several hospitals during the height of the TV Covid terror and I can confirm that the hospitals, at least the 4 that I went to were empty, desolate, ghost towns. 

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What is going on? They think that we are so gullible that we will bow down to the Big Pharma medical establishment and any proclamation they want to shove down our throats. You don’t need masks, you absolutely do need masks, you need two masks, kids don’t need masks, you must sterilize everything, stay six feet apart, and all the while the proclaimers are not following the proclamations.

And so far they are right to look on us with disdain; it seems we will do anything we are told as long as we are safe and warm. The rank-and-file citizenry want to be good kids and obey the rules because they think we are improving our lives, but we expect the rule-makers to be playing on the same team. However, the facts were that two of the most onerous Covid Fascists, Whitmer and Newsome, were caught multiple times unmasked and unapologetically enjoying normal life with a ‘let them eat cake’ attitude towards the taxpayers they are supposed to be serving. But it wasn’t just them, the good doctor Fauci, our Covid lockdown master, was out in public, unmasked and enjoying normal life when he thought he wouldn’t be found out. If they believed what they were telling the sheep was true… wouldn’t they want masks to protect themselves and their loved ones? 

I think I know what the target of all the mandates really was… our Freedom  

Families were removed from airline seats because 4-year-olds wouldn’t cooperate with insane mask protocols, schools were shut down even though it was known early on that children were not at risk either to contract the virus or to pass it on to the teachers, whose unions were rabid about not returning to work but still getting paid vacations. But that is all history, the boot of fascism that was put in our face in the past. I wish to bring my ranting around to being abused by the people who have appointed themselves our betters. 

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, seemingly has anointed himself the Global Vaccine Tsar, globetrotting to promote his various ‘world saving’ or is it world ensnaring programs including Covid and polio vaccines that seem to be doing more harm than good and funding food distribution that is introducing seed crops that will have to be repurchased every year instead of non-GMO crops that can be grown year after year with seeds from previous crops.

He and his foundation are evil and corrupt enslavers of humanity that are heavily into telling the world they need to be vaccinated although he has no medical training or expertise. It almost goes without saying that he is very influential in the WHO (World Health Organization) and all of the other international health players that were so instrumental in hobbling the US. 

He started GAVI, an NGO formed to promote vaccine acceptance around the world. It isn’t the innocent organization its name would imply. 

GAVI enjoys international immunity like being a separate country with diplomatic immunity to go any where and do anything to accomplish their goals like a sovereign nation, more powerful than a sovereign nation. When Donald Trump pulled the US/UNICEF out of GAVI it revealed that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was the largest funder. It seems Bill is a control freak who has to have his will implemented no matter the cost or who it hurts. I just find it impossible to imagine that getting the African countries addicted to GMO seeds and fertilizers that have to be bought every year is an act of inherent goodness.

And speaking of vaccines, what do they do when they run out of Greek Letters for variants? The vaccine industry gets another bite at the apple every time you need a booster or update for an excessively virulent new letter is promoted in the press. They must really think we are dumb. My apologies to everyone who rushed out to protect themselves from a virus that kills 0.03 percent of people that are infected and they are mostly very old 80+ and people with comorbidities like heart disease. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a strain that will get the population down to the Agenda 2030 target of 5% of the current world population but that time isn’t yet and when the time comes no vaccine promoted by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab is going to save you. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

 No, that is not what is on the table at all. What they are talking about is introducing a biometric component into the human species with which you will be connected to the ‘internet of all things’ you, your biological self will be a part of the grid, able to unlock your front door from 20 ft away with the merest of thought transmit data from the phone in your pocket , or an app in your brain you will be transhuman. No longer a creature, created by nature and part of nature but a cyborg. Neither completely man nor machine a hybrid and some say that this can make you patentable, ownership of your social security/serial number put up for bid. And you will like it. There are some fantastical stories describing what this means but the most common is that you will be able to walk out of your door wanting a ride and transportation will be waiting for you, or you will walk up to your front porch, or entrance to your cubicle, and the door will open, entertainment of your liking will start and your robot maid Rosie will bring you a drink and I suppose if Rosie doesn’t show up or gets too much vermouth in your gin a repairman will arrive shortly. 

I have also been told that if you want to learn a language or Ju-Jitsu it will be downloaded right into your brain via 5G through this bio-metric interface and you will be the Karate Kid or Cervantes. Pretty cool huh? I, for two years, took Spanish in Jr. High School and only learned that I am no good with foreign languages. I could travel to Paris have lunch along the Seine, go to Italy for a leisurely drink then onto Russia for a nightcap and some pleasure with a blonde Russian spy all in the comfort of my living room, and be happy. Supposedly if you have a neurological disorder like ALS or Parkinson’s you can be cured, or if you like to hunt or fish you can be cured of that too because that is involving catching your own food and Gates will have the monopoly on that too. In other words, they can program you to be the human they want you to be and if history has taught us anything they will want you to be compliant and cause no problems and if you do have diseases or imperfections they can just eliminate you because they own the patent. You will eat your bioengineered substances and be happy, you will perform your daily tasks and then return to your cubicle and be happy never knowing that you used to be a person created by God to be unique. That if you are even aware of Bill Gates and Klause Schwab you won’t be aware that they are eating real beef, fish, and fruit, drinking fresh milk, cheese, and aged wine and using you as their playthings and you will be happy. No stress, no heartaches and no accomplishments but you will be happy. If Adrenochrome is real, they will live forever complaining how it is so much work keeping the slaves happy and that the current batch of adrenalized baby blood is substandard. 

Back to something a bit more in the realm of widely accepted reality, the current President, and the previous President have something in common, they promoted vaccines. Vaccines can be and are good things, the polio vaccine ended a worldwide scourge, how many people died because of the vaccine? Data is unavailable, but it is unquestionable that vaccines are useful but where the science diverges among proponents is whether or not people who claim the mantle of science can force you to comply, based upon spotty and incomplete evidence to inject potentially harmful substances into your system. 

The Vax Nazis have tried coercion in the form of bribes of free food, lap dances, lottery tickets etcetera, so forth and thereof; threats to exclude you from society by not allowing you to buy groceries, go to the Post Office or any other public space and many other punitive actions I am sure I don’t know about. And now when it is becoming apparent that anyone who wants a vaccination can get one and anyone else is telling the Vax Nazis to piss up a rope, they are floating the idea of sending government minions to our doors to extract evidence of our vaccine compliance, the refrain from hillock to shire of “your papers please”. I expect if this becomes reality the next will be reeducation camps for the resisters. 

The fear campaign that has been foisted on the American public, and I assume the citizens of the world at large, is no less impressive for the fact that the media organizations we have relied on and trusted for generations NYT, legacy TV news and talk shows along with the new media empires of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have silenced and are silencing any voice in opposition on those platforms and any opposition news service that formally bought space on those platforms were kicked off. 

I showed you dancing nurses in empty hospitals but there are thousands of examples of medical professionals who have spoken out to decry the narrative of the medical/government collaboration against we the people and the people who aren’t protected by the US constitution. Just look up Dr. Carrie Madej, Astrid Stuckelberger PhD, Dr. Mercola to name a few but whether you are for or against vaccines, forcing people to take a shot, that doesn’t cure or prevent spread of a virus that has less than .05 mortality rate is the height of Fascism. 

I am going to include this video that lays out the government statistics that they suppress concerning Covid. 

Citizens’ Grand Jury – Prosecutor Larry Klayman Presents Expert Witness Testimony from John Cullen.mp4 

With the CDC this week offering guidelines that children attending school this fall wear masks even though they are not only aware of the data in the above video, they helped produce it, and John Sununu of New Hampshire banning compulsory vaccinations it speaks of a political rather than a medical divide around the Covid issues. 

From the very start, certain cheap and proven treatments have been vilified and even banned outright in favor of government-controlled and unproven vaccines with all the propaganda and soft compulsion that our wanna-be totalitarian masters can muster. Is there a darker agenda? And whose agenda is it? Is there a hidden purpose to inject untried medicine into Americans from 8 to 80? There are an untold number of theories, hypotheses, and scaremongering on every aspect of this question and the only solution is to let freedom reign and let the laboratory of democracy be the arbiter of reality. Our trusted medical, science and political institutions have been shown time and again to be completely incapable of being non-partisan disseminators of fact and instead fabricate lies to further their opinion or the opinion of the entities who have been buying and shaping their loyalties for decades. Talking to you China.  

The institutions that we have trusted with the education of our children have turned against this countries’ overwhelmingly popular will to keep America as a beacon on the hill for the rest of the world to emulate and turned them into an anti-America stewpot of hate half-truths and indoctrination. In the 1960s Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt School began what was to be called the long march through the Institutions. And through teaching that every shortcoming of America is reason for self-immolation and any feature of communism no matter how distorted or untrue is a reason to adopt even the worst of it so as to tear down their country. These children that learned under this tutelage grew up to be teachers (not educators, there’s a difference) and indoctrinated the next generations and with no one to push back on their ideas, because the conservatives were in the society doing things, (you’ve heard that those that can, do and those that can’t, teach) that our kids took that ‘philosophy of losers’ and adopted it eventually allowing it to morph into ‘wokeism’. 

With all this adoption of letting the whiniest rule; corporations will do anything to appease a handful of whiny phone call Fascists as long as they don’t disrupt board meetings and say mean things about them on Twitter. Coke will boycott clearly unpartisan election reform to appear ‘woke’ to the loudest among us to make sure their stock options don’t take a hit… Land of the Free be damned. Kneeling for the flag at sporting events? Let those overpaid babies go play in mother China… I give them 1 year and they will be hawking t-shirts and sneakers on the corner. 

All their sympathy for a drug-addled abuser of a woman who died of an overdose while in police custody forgotten, they would end up as BLM or Antifa thugs transported from riot to riot to intimidate law abiding citizens. With all the tv inspired adulation gone would they wake up to see that communism wanted to tear them down as badly as it did Donald Trump, they just were willing to take a knee for their money. 

But really my question is why all of this effort? Whose nest gets feathered and whose ox gets gored? First of all, no person, organization, entity is going to go through the work to make the media dance in lockstep to a changing narrative unless there will be gargantuan rewards. You can see the media dancing just by comparing their reports, same word for word narrative delivered with the same level of disdain or adulation depending on the subject. The George Soros financed migrant caravans and the one-sided media coverage in support of the deny Trump a second term effort must have cost millions. The riots that ensued, spurred on by BLM (admittedly Marxist organization) and Antifa (were anti-Fascist it’s in our name) in the wake of the George Floyd death cost easily as much in the cost of moving rioters from one location to another alone.  

The Marcuse and Frankfurt school takeover of our education system produced several generations incapable of critical thinking, point them in a direction and tell them to hate (make up a reason) and you have soldiers motivated enough to loot and burn private property and proudly proclaim it is ok because they are insured. The jury is still out for me on whether that is the cause behind the wokefication of corporate America or if it is just an intellectual laziness and moral turpitude that allows the c suite to throw away the only system of governance ever to promote the kind of atmosphere where their level of success is possible for a couple of good quarters fulfilling Chinese desires. They do not look forward to when the CCP will tell them to produce what they are told to or follow the Uighurs into the labor camps. Totalitarians don’t care about your feelings and damned sure don’t want to hear them expressed. 

There is a school of thought that says that the world domination squad led by Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are going to introduce into the human genome a programmable component, through a medium known as Hydrogel, that will allow biological people to interact with technology through 5G, and every next gen of radio technology, ostensibly to be able to increase human flourishing by being more machine like. Where people will be able to instantly learn foreign languages, or other disciplines just by downloading a program into their brain. Learn to pilot a plane, build a house, plant a tree or accept and love being a slave to rich and powerful people all on a moment’s notice. So, this can affect life as we know it by making a cab pull up outside your door just by thinking it or change your reality without you knowing it.  

If this occurs it will happen to everyone except the truly elites. It will happen to the Chinese, except for Ji and a few of his favorites it will happen to the British the French, the Poles, the Russian (Vlad probably has a ticket) in short it will happen to the entire species who aren’t part of the 5% that will have the Earth as their plaything until the evil consumes them and they destroy themselves one way or another. That is a very dark prediction or vision let’s say. We now have the antidote within our grasp, if everyone who thinks this outcome is unacceptable just says NO (with respect to Nancy Reagan) we can start to turn this around. It didn’t happen overnight and we can’t fix it fast but if we can see the problem we can resist. If each one of us can show one other person what totalitarianism will bring, we can stop it. Soldiers fight for freedom and the future of their children. “And as for me sirs, I choose Liberty”

By: David Gignac