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Vaccine Mandates Will Increase Healthcare and Law Enforcement Shortages

It is time to ask what their Plan B is?

Every action will have a reaction and all government policies should be weighed against consequences, unintended or intended.

Biden’s ” policy”, if one can even call it that, is going to result in a large number of healthcare workers, police, and firefighters choosing unemployment rather than forced vaccination. Some are questioning how serious Biden’s edicts on employers and vaccines will play out regarding enforcement and if the intent is as it has been stated, read here.

Before Covid- 19 the country was in the grips of medical staffing shortages. Nursing staff, in particular, read here and here. And of course, a physician staffing shortage too, read here and here. These shortages play out down the line including Respiratory Techs, Phlebotomists, Nursing Aids, and the rest.

The implementation of the ACA ( Obamacare) resulted in many nurses and doctors leaving the profession to avoid government dictating standards of care. But more recently the forced economic shutdowns early in 2020 coupled with many choosing to put off elective surgical procedures created a ghost town within many medical facilities across the country. Yes, in the height of Covid 2020 many hospitals were practically empty and had to furlough or lay off staffing.

Presently Covid infections and hospitalizations are higher than at the same time last year. There is a need to expand healthcare workers not create a policy that decreases.

Following the “Summer of Rage ” after George Floyd’s death the BLM and defund the police movement resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of law enforcement and first responders. The consequence of this absurd social justice propaganda and Democrats politicizing the issue has been an unprecedented spike in violent crime across the country.

So why would Biden and crew set out to implement a “policy” that would deepen the shortages in essential staffing during the height of a health and crime crisis? They have to be acutely aware the healthcare and Law enforcement community cannot absorb even a 5%, much less a 25% – 30% hit.

  • Many healthcare workers including physicians are choosing not to take the vaccines.
  • A survey conducted by the Ohio Nurses Association found that nearly 1 in 3 nurses at UC Health would choose to quit if a vaccine mandate was implemented in their health system, according to a report by cincinnati.com30% of Ohio nurses are expected to resign rather than comply with the vaccine mandate.
  • Lewis County General Hospital in New York will not be delivering babies after September 24 because so many maternity workers have resigned over coronavirus vaccine mandates.
  • Many Nursing Home staff are choosing unemployment over vaccinations. Major Unions across al above categories are letting it be known they will encourage employees to refrain from the jab and make the employer terminate them.

Watch dozens of nurses give testimony California indicating they will not be forced to vaccinate.

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Thousands of police officers in Los Angeles are rejecting the mandate. Axios reports, significant numbers of police officers across the country are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, ignoring mandates, and leaning on their unions to back them up. Firefighters are also following suit. In New York nearly a quarter of hospital workers statewide — 23 percent — are still unvaccinated, according to DOH data posted Wednesday.

This writer has to ask a most uncomfortable question…

Is the real goal behind Biden’s vaccine mandate ” Policy” a design to apply so much downward pressure on flailing healthcare and Law enforcement systems that they collapse? Presently we are informed elective surgeries and ICU beds are scarce, mostly due to staffing shortages. Consider a further loss of staffing would create the public demand in such a critical mass situation providing the perfect avenue for the government to take total control of those systems. Universal healthcare and ” reimagining what law enforcement looks like” – and the government is the solution. One can apply much of the above paragraphs to the mandate for the US Military too which is seeing a dramatic drop in enlistment and many refusing to vaccinate. Go ahead and take that emerging crisis to its logical conclusion.

Too conspiratorial for you? Well, why would Biden and crew create more chaos in our primary quality of life systems? How will they stop the bleeding in essential staffing?

Trust me, they have a Plan B, and you and I will not like it at all.

 RWR original article syndication source.