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If the “Racist Rock” Removed From UW-Madison Campus Could Speak – What Would it Say?

The University of Wisconsin, which fancies itself an institution of higher learning, has determined that rocks are indeed racist. On August 6th, the University removed a 42 ton stone named after Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, a 19th-century glaciologist and University of Wisconsin president, Wisconsin president, at the cost of $50,000. The black student’s union discovered that in 1925, the Wisconsin State Journal once referred the stone with a name derogatory to black people. Seems impossible, but this poor stone was canceled because one article in 1925 referred to it using the term “n——-head” a commonly used expression in the 1920s to describe any large dark rock (read original article). Imagine the hours wasted by students, who could’ve better spent their time on actual studies instead of looking for ways to be offended by a two billion-year-old boulder deposited on University grounds by retreating glaciers ten-thousand years ago.

The plaque on the rock has no racial tone whatsoever. The most controversial thing Chamberlain did in life was co-author a paper on the formation of the solar system. The paper stood as the prevailing theory for nearly half a century before being supplanted by newer theories.

The insanity of Critical Race Theory has permeated every aspect of life now. This doctrine is found on the University campus, faculty lounges in most schools, textbooks, and corporate training programs that shame people for being white. No place or thing is safe from the wrath of CRT lunatics, not even the Chamberlain Rock. However anti-intellectual the rock blamers might be, there are others out there in the community who suffer from a similar lack of critical thinking. A Madison, Wisconsin resident agreed that the stone should be removed and was happy to see it happen. He said –

“It’s not the rock’s fault that it got that terrible and unfortunate nickname,” he said. “But the fact that it’s … being moved shows that the world is getting a little better today.”

I didn’t know that making the world a better place was so easy. One reference, according to historians, in an article ninety-six years ago does not make in a nickname. In fact, there is no evidence that the racial slur was ever used on campus by anybody at any time, but that doesn’t matter to the Marxist cancel culture of today. This has never been about racism – this is about power and control.

Imagine all the people and objects that we could erase from culture if we went back a century or so and applied present-day context. Better yet, fast forward a century ahead and do the same – it truly boggles the mind the absurdity of the exercise. Context matters and apparently the Madison University Social Justice warriors missed the” offensive term” was used for the following in that era:

1) An inferior kind of tobacco pressed in a twisted form.

2) A rounded boulder or rock; especially, a roundish black rock on the coast of Florida, sometimes covered with only a few inches of water.

3) In swampy land, tufts or clumps of sedge and grass growing up stiffly.

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4) A spool or capstan for lifting or hauling, formed on the end of a shaft which is turned by power- now called a wildcat.

5) The cone-flower or black-eyed-Susan, Rudbeckia hirta.

6) A towing bitt; an upright timber to which towing hawsers are secured.

7) A bollard made from an old cannon.

8) An isolated part of a coral reef.

The irony of the looney left is that they claim to be the arbiters of equality, fairness, and inclusiveness as long as you agree with them and forsake any idea or thought that exists outside their insular worldview. Unfortunately, the madness that is happening on the Campus of the University of Wisconsin is a form of mental illness that has spread across the educational landscape with a fury that covid-19 can’t match.

What do you suppose this ” racist rock” would say if it could speak today?

I imagine it would say, “If they can cancel a rock, imagine what they can do to you.”

 RWR original article syndication source.