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US Firms are Aiding China

While China marshals every resource available to win its thousand year war of complete global domination, traitorous US firms, such as Nike and Honeywell, are falling over each other to aid the Red Chinese and resist the US’s efforts to reign in that evil empire. Instead of supporting their nation, they’re aiding China.

According to Rep. Devin Nunes of California, who recently began an investigation into the vulnerabilities created by China’s involvement in US businesses and China’s intentions on US soil, “China is executing a plan to undermine and co-opt U.S. business. Corporate America needs to understand that China is targeting them, often using lucrative access to Chinese markets as a means to acquire their technology and innovations, and even to force them to suppress their own employees’ freedom of speech on China issues.”

According to Just the News, which had a conversation with Rep. Nunes about this issue and reported on it, the most concerning part of Rep. Nunes’ preliminary report is that financiers and companies in the US are, instead of supporting their homeland, assisting China in its push “to replace the United States as the premier global power.”

Furthermore, according to the memo released by the investigatory committee:

“The Chinese government’s grip on business is a powerful platform for malign influence. Beijing’s control over Chinese industry and investment enables the acquisition, transfer, and theft of U.S. innovation, technology, and intellectual property.

Moreover, China employs a wide range of initiatives to influence and shape events and public opinion to undermine U.S. national and economic security. American business writ large is entangled in this effort, wittingly and unwittingly. The CCP seeks to manipulate American business and financial leaders to facilitate its strategic objectives. Specifically, it entices or coerces collaboration with U.S. entities to acquire intellectual property, technology, and assistance for China-based entities.”

And it’s not just manufacturing companies that are to blame. According to the same memo, financiers and their banks are helping fund China’s rise:

  • “U.S. banks are placing billions of investment dollars in China, which is opening its $50 trillion financial market to foreign firms.
  • China uses American investment managers and banks to gain opportunities for strategic investments in U.S. startups, innovative technologies, biosciences, and manufacturing.
  • Chinese firms are exploiting U.S. financial markets to raise funds and enhance their international credibility.
  • American financial firms are executing investments of Chinese-state originated funds based on CCP guidance on which business sectors, R&D, or specific businesses to target.
  • Chinese firms use complex structures that obscure risks, state ties, and other corporate details, hindering U.S. government oversight and U.S. investors’ legal recourse in the event of fraud.”

American banks and companies, rather than support their nation, are helping the communist Chinese take over the world. They need to be held to account for doing so.

China is currently building a massive navy, carrying out a campaign of genocide against the Uighurs, and imposing an authoritarian system upon its citizens, much like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union in the 20th century.

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We cannot continue treating it as a normal nation and hoping it “liberalizes.” That is the path to disaster. Instead, we need to take the threat seriously and treat China how we treated Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, or the USSR; that means there must be no trading with it, especially in sensitive technologies, and we must oppose it at every step.

Those companies or financiers that get in the way of that crucial competition with China, and especially the ones that are aiding China, must be treated as traitors; by helping the CCP, they are giving material comfort to an enemy that wants to destroy us. China delenda est!

By: Gen Z Conservative