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Undocumented Immigrants and Home Invasion

Undocumented Immigrants and Home Invasion:

Undocumented Immigrants and Home Invasion

My Thoughts:

The term undocumented immigrant is a ridiculous one. I don’t understand why liberals seem unable to call something what it really is. Undocumented immigrants are illegal aliens. They’re not just undocumented, they’re also here illegally. Calling them “undocumented immigrants” implies that they have a right to be here but have just lost their papers. It is a term that doesn’t tell the full story or give any context. It is the wrong term. Illegal aliens should be called illegal aliens.

Additionally, there are other examples. “A woman’s right to choose” is really killing babies. “Common sense gun control” is really unconstitutional regulation and confiscation of firearms. Now, just look at those examples. Surely, the liberals can’t come up with anything even more ridiculous, right? Wrong. According to this story, liberals are now calling home invaders “unwanted house visitors.”

Inlaws are “unwanted house visitors.” But, people that you shoot for breaking into your home aren’t “unwanted house guests.” They are home invaders. Just as illegal aliens invade our borders, home invaders invade our homes. Illegal immigration and violent crime are both very serious subjects. It is important that we recognize them as such. But based on terms like “undocumented immigrants” and “unwanted house guests,” it appears that we are not taking those issues seriously at all. Word choice matters. It shows the emotions behind a statement. Based on that, the media is obviously trying to condition us. We are supposed to look at the robbers and invaders with respect, and look down on those that stop them.

How should we push back against this? By using the correct terms. If we start using accurate terms to describe these people and issues, then the issues could be worked out. However, we haven’t been doing that. Instead, we’ve been using newspeak to make up more socially acceptable words for describing criminals. That needs to change if we are to solve the issues. We can’t have a rational debate if we aren’t even using the same terms. Let’s start using the correct terms to describe undocumented immigrants and home invasion suspects- illegal aliens and home invaders.