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Undeserved Honor: The USNS Harvey Milk

By: Justin Smith
America’s radicals are shaking their fists in the face of God, and the fruits, nutcases, and the godless, immoral deviants and perverts of the land have largely been allowed to set the direction for America. Rather than staying true to those Christian and Western principles that built America from the ground up in Her earliest beginnings, which existed from the first day Christopher Columbus set priests on Her shores and those fine people seeking to escape religious persecution set foot on Plymouth Rock, they’re pushing America in a decadent, degenerate direction.
Now we see the U.S. Navy setting course for the Seven Seas, with their Rainbow Flag flying high and lollipops and teddy bears hanging from their mainsails paying tribute and homage to its new lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered, and queer (LGBTQ) heroes,  preparing to storm the beachheads of playgrounds everywhere. It’s almost as though they have taken their cue and counsel from the most twisted, sick and depraved, mentally disturbed and most evil dark denizens of the subterranean depths of Hell and the deepest, darkest underbelly of the immoral homosexual community of San Francisco, as they recently (November 6th 2021) named one of their new non-commissioned replenishment ships the USNS Harvey Milk, after a flaming homosexual pederast and “gay rights” advocate, whose very name sullies the Navy’s reputation and forever makes it suspect in the eyes of normal Americans.
There are many fine, good and decent, righteous and moral American patriots named in American history who are infinitely more worthy of being honored in the finest of military traditions, other than this slug that crawled from some whole, this piece of human refuse know as a “Harvey Milk”, such as Commander Darlene Iskra, the first female commander,  Lt Commander John Gretton Willink (Jocko),  Admiral Michelle Howard, or even Petty Officer First Class Marcus Lutrell (the Lone Survivor), all of whom served with distinction and true honor. Oh, and unlike Harvey Milk, they weren’t pedos.
Harvey Milk’s example is nothing to be feted in such a manner. His only claim to fame is that he was the first openly “gay” elected official in a major U.S. city, who served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 for less than a year, and a “gay rights” activist who was accidentally assassinated by Dan White in 1978 (Don was mad at the city government generally, not at Milk for being gay).
Other than this rather nondescript achievement, Milk was a very evil man who had sex with young teenage boys, preying on their weaknesses and loneliness and situations, like drug addictions and terrible home lives, in order to take advantage of them. By his own admission, he started having homosexual sex encounters and an extremely active homosexual life by the age of fourteen, according to Randy Shilts, the homosexual friend of Milk and a much-loved journalist by the LGBTQ community, who also wrote the 1982 biography of Harvey Milk entitled ‘The Mayor of Castro Street.’ Although Milk’s earliest experiences started by having sex with grown men in the standing room only of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, by the time he was in his thirties he was strongly predisposed to have sex with young boys, often as young as fifteen.
One of his victims, Jack Lira, who he started abusing when Jack was sixteen, tying him up and forcing him into a closet, committed suicide by hanging himself in 1978, at age twenty-five, from the back porch of Milk’s Henry Street residence.
Some homosexuals didn’t particularly care for Milk themselves, as lesbian leaders saw him as anti-woman, due to his close association with the Drag Queen Community. For this reason, few lesbians supported Milk’s political aspirations.
Despite the revision of history and the much-circulated myth that Milk was given a dishonorable discharge from the Navy for being a homosexual, the truth is that he remained a closeted homosexual during a large part of his adult life and he actually received an honorable discharge, having served as a Lieutenant junior grade diving instructor during the Korean War. Once, after being caught and asked about the lie he and others had widely disseminated, Milk offered “Symbols, Symbols, Symbols” because the LGBTQ movement has never cared about the facts, only the narrative that sells their message the best.
It’s a sick mind that falsifies their service record. It used to be we’d see men do so to steal undeserved valor and glory for themselves for something they never did, never accomplished, but in Milk’s case, he and his supporters vouched for the lie to depict Harvey Milk as a victim of a Navy that somehow wronged him. And it’s a sick world that allows for such non-existent victims to now be glorified and presented before the public as some sort of heroes.
During the ship’s christening, Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy, stated:
[Harvey Milk] fought for people that cared. He made a difference. That’s the kind of Naval leaders we need in officer corps and our enlisted corps and civilian workforce.” 
Just what kind of “difference” did Milk make in our world?
His worldview and his activism served to normalize mental illness, unnatural relations between men and women, the destruction of the traditional nuclear family of one man and one woman and their children, and to push America further into an immoral standard where anything goes and nothing is no longer sacred or forbidden, no matter how terrible, even if it involves a grown man placing his penis inside a young boy.
Harvey Milk wrecked young boys’ lives and traumatized them, without concern for anything other than his own selfish lust and desire, revealing himself to being nothing more than a perverted rapist, and it takes a suspension of all that is reasonable for anyone to see him as anything other than a criminal, immoral, vile and evil abomination against man and God. And the fact that America could allow our federal government, or any government official or entity, to now place him on a pedestal as someone worthy of praise is purely mind-boggling and beyond astounding.
Ships names are important because they express what we value as a Navy and as a nation and communicate those values around the globe in every port of call“, Del Toro declared.
So I guess it’s safe to say that Del Toro wants the world to know that America and Her navy haven’t any values or morals and we’ve sunk to being a nation of deviants, perverts, and debauchers.
For your circumspection and scrutiny, imagine, you are a fresh young Navy sailor or Marine embarking on your first four-month long ship duty to hit scores of ports around the globe. Imagine the long hard twelve to sixteen hours of work each day and preparing for a well-deserved shower at the end of it all, only to casually glance over to your disgust and horror to see your shipmate gazing at you with a longing in his eyes you would reserve only for one of the fairer sex. Or worse, imagine you’ve just slipped into your rack and an older, crusty, hairy and burly seaman slides in beside you and starts to gently caress you and whispers sweet nothings in your ear, and as the music builds to a crescendo you realize you’ve entered the realm of the Twilight Zone.
It gives new meaning to the word “shipmate” and, if I were enlisted today, I would absolutely refuse to serve aboard a vessel named after such filth as Harvey Milk.
One can almost see it, as the next class of sailors is boarding an enemy vessel in their leather thongs, waving their rainbow-colored feather boas and shouting “We haven’t begun to gyrate”, or  Marines leaping from behind barriers waving a twelve-inch rubber phallus screaming “Gung Ho Boys” in an ultra-high Gomer Pyle-style falsetto.
What’s next? If we stay the course, I suspect the day will arrive when a comely sheep or goat isn’t even safe.
Let them do their sin and be “gay” or “queer” or whatever other name they choose, but stop allowing them to force all the nation to validate their sin against man and God.
Stop letting the federal government Communists grant the LGBTQ folks privilege above everybody else in a manner that absolutely infringes upon all Americans’ rights and codifying non-existent “homosexual rights,” when they have the same rights and same opportunities under the law and the two genders (not 29 and a half genders)  as men or women and anyone else. And above all else, stop their indoctrination of elementary-age children that presents their lifestyle as normal, as well as the grooming programs associated with it and their push to provide puberty blockers and hormone treatments to children in order to create more LGBTQ people.
This is merely one example and a symptom of the overall disease of tolerance for the intolerable. We’re witnessing behavior in the LGBTQ community that exemplifies the type of cancer that causes societies to collapse, and our nation now stands at a juncture where Christians and conservatives are regularly targeted and penalized for defending righteous principles, the principles of God. The Marxist-Maoist Cancel Culture has inserted its way into every government institution, as it celebrates a sexual predator and an illicit drug user, and the righteous Americans should not tolerate such things in our country any longer, not for one more day.