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Understanding Illegal Immigration in 21st Century America

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This morning I was sent a great Federalist article about understanding illegal immigration, and how some reporters just don’t get it. The article is called “What Thomas Friedman Doesn’t Get about the Border Crisis” and was written by John Davidson. It is a great article about how our inability to understand asylum-seekers has created a crisis and gives a way to start understanding illegal immigration.

Read the article here:

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My Summary of How to Start Understanding Illegal Immigration:

Davidson does a great job of describing the border situation and what a NYT writer, Thomas Friedman, doesn’t understand about it. He also does a good job of remaining fair to Friedman; he points out when he is right about something in addition to when he is wrong.

Davidson begins by describing Friedman’s article and how it focuses on the wrong subject: the partially completed wall. While having a wall is important (build the wall!), dealing with the migrants effectively by understanding the difference between legal and illegal immigration is even more important.

Davidson describes the horrific scenes caused by migrants and their smugglers that have occurred recently. Even though they’re gruesome, they’re necessary for understanding illegal immigration.

Migrants in Mexico setting fire to a holding facility. Smugglers abandoning kids, sexually abusing migrant women and children, and drug smugglers setting up drug tunnels under the border. He then describes what the problem is and isn’t. Friedman thinks it’s the lack of a wall. Davidson thinks it’s the inability of our system to deal with the migration crisis.

Our asylum system can’t deal with the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants coming up from Central America. It was built to handle limited numbers of political refugees escaping from violence in their home states. And we should shelter those people.

But, as Davidson points out, we can’t handle the seemingly infinite number of unskilled and penniless economic migrants that come claiming asylum. Because we don’t immediately turn them away at the border, they keep coming, and pay violent and armed men to smuggle them here (as I pointed out in a recent post). As long as it is economically viable, mainly for the reasons outlined in Narconomics and Dreamland, they will keep coming. We have to change the system to fix that.

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Analysis of How to Start Understanding Illegal Immigration:

I thought that this was a great article. It was highly informative and presented a unique take on the immigration crisis. For example, I had never thought about the economic trade off for the migrants. However, after reading the article it makes sense that being able to turn them away at the border would decrease asylum seekers. If they have no chance of getting in and staying in, why would they risk it all to come here.

I also liked this article because of what it didn’t say. I firmly believe that most migrants are good people and hard workers looking to find a place in America. Their smugglers and handlers are often terrible people who exploit and mistreat them immensely.

And I think Davidson recognized that. His argument about turning them away and how to do so was rooted in simple economics, not in saying they are bad people. And his argument holds true- it would be economically unsustainable for the US to continue to allow unlimited numbers of people in. That is also a key to understanding the problem of unskilled immigration, which is closely related to the problem of illegal immigration.


Read this article. It will leave you with a much better understanding of what is wrong with how we handle illegal immigration. There need to be new guidelines to speed up the process so that legal immigrants are rewarded for their patience and illegal immigrants are quickly but humanely deported. I think that is the only path forward for America. This article is a great way to start understanding illegal immigration. Trump will win again in 2020. To take full advantage of that, we have to start understanding illegal immigration.

Luckily for us, President Trump does have a way of understanding illegal immigration and the threats to the homeland posed by it that few, if any, past American presidents have.

Although President Eisenhower tried to deport the illegals after World War II, there were no other presidents that tried to do much about the issue. Reagan launched the drug war, which destabalized the region and led to more illegal immigration. The Bushes, Clinton, and Obama all allowed illegal immigration to continue more or less unfettered.

President Trump, on the other hand, and in stark contrast to both those Presidents and today’s Democrats (like his opponent, the not at all moderate Joe Biden), actually has developed an understanding of illegal immigration and the threats to America posed by it.

He gets that mass migrations have destroyed past civilizations, as described in The End is Always Near. Trump knows that illegal immigrants are, largely, bad people that bring drugs, violence, and un-American ideas into our great nation. And, unlike past Presidents or Joe Biden, Trump is willing to stand up to those illegal immigrants and build the wall to keep them out. He has a backbone, so he cares about America, not the illegal immigrants that are trying to sneak into it.

By: Gen Z Conservative


Read the article here:

Read another illegal immigration article of mine: 

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