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A UNC Wilmington Professor Posts “Blow Up Republicans,” Faces No Consequences.

According to Timcast and Campus Reform, a professor of UNC Wilmington’s School of Health and Applied Human Sciences named Dan Johnson, posted “blow up Republicans” on Facebook on May 17. Here’s the screenshot of that disturbing post:

According to Campus Reform, Johnson has since deleted the post and logged off Facebook, claiming to be taking a summer break, but students have attested as to the above screenshot’s validity.

The university, although claiming that it took appropriate action regarding the post, has also declared that Johnson, who teaches “recreation therapy,” will be teaching at UNCW in the fall, so he won’t be facing severe consequences for calling for the murder of over 70 million of his fellow citizens.

Some UNCW board members have reacted with concern, noting the university’s lackadaisical manner in dealing with such an abhorrent post and calling for more to be done. According to WECT News, “Board of Trustee member Woody White sent an email to the rest of the board along with Chancellor Jose Sartarelli voicing his concerns with the Facebook post, as well as what he perceives as a double standard when it comes to free speech.”

White had this to say:

“Our BOT has, under Dennis’ leadership, has given lip service that we value free speech for years and we have tried to create an environment where it is protected. The problem at UNCW, and at nearly every other university across the nation, is the double standard. Free speech is tolerated – even celebrated – when it condemns conservative thought and speech. When it goes the other way, conservatives are shamed, canceled and bullied. Just last year, our chancellor was censored by the faculty and student body for what he said at a town hall. And he did not suggest that anyone should be blown up.”

White is right. There is a despicable double standard on free speech at universities; conservatives are rarely, if ever, able to speak out without facing consequences. Meanwhile, leftist students and professors join Antifa and attack their conservative peers both physically and verbally, facing few if any consequences for doing so.

Before declaring some nonsense about how punishing this mass murder-desiring professor, just imagine if a Republican professor had called for the mass murder of Democrats. He’d be run out of town immediately, if not murdered by his peers and students. Meanwhile, Johnson has faced no real consequences.

Don’t protect those that hate you. Demand that Johnson and every other radical leftist be fired. We must make the culture war a total war; don’t just lament the double standard, work to exact vengeance.

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By: Gen Z Conservative