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Wokeness Gone Wild: UK Charity Claims “White Women Reporting Rape By Black Men Support White Supremacy”

Yes, you read that headline correctly. A UK charity is seriously claiming (well, as seriously as such unserious people can be) that “white women reporting rape by black men support white supremacy.” Remember that post on the English refusal to deal with Pakistani rape gangs and how political correctness is causing the death of the West? Well, this is that on steroids.

According to Zero Hedge:

“In the wake of sex scandals that have rocked the British charity, an Oxfam staff training document says “privileged white women” are supporting the root causes of sexual violence by wanting “bad men” imprisoned

The PowerPoint recommends staff read Me Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism, a book by Alison Phipps, a professor of gender studies at Sussex University.

It then links to the academic’s Twitter account, including a thread which summarises the main themes of the book, including: “White feminist tears deploy white woundedness, and the sympathy it generates, to hide the harms we perpetuate through white supremacy…”

…Summarising the book’s central premise, the Oxfam document says white feminists need to ask themselves whether they are causing harm when they fight sexual violence.”

While most Brits, gelded as they are by centuries of oppressive government (exempting that glorious period that was the Gilded Age), normally refuse to stand up to wokeness, a few are fighting back against the ridiculous contention that “white women reporting rape by black men support white supremacy.”

For example, Julie Bindel, a writer for the Telegraph, had this to say:

Calling women who have been traumatised by male sexual violence or campaign against it “privileged” because they are white is staggeringly offensive. To further claim that white women give more power to the police by reporting their rapists loses sight of the fact that if sexual predators did not face serious consequences, they remain a danger to all women.

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Does Phipps imagine that when “white, privileged” women demand that sexual harassers be removed from a workplace that they do not care if these men go on to rape impoverished black women?

In suggesting white women are “racist” or harm black and marginalised people when they speak out about rape is nothing more than a warning for them to shut up.”

But too many remain silent in the face of such obvious insanity. It’s as if they want more women to be raped by non-white men, thinking that to be some twisted form of reparations for sins supposedly committed in the past.

The British Empire used to be the greatest civilizational force on Earth. Now, thanks to wokeness and CRT, it’s committing ritual suicide on the altar of racial consciousness.

By: Gen Z Conservative