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The Tyrants Doon’t Just Want Power. They Want to Watch You Submit

I did Nazi it coming either, did you?

Now, don’t get me wrong. The idea that government apparatchiks of the Fauci and Gretchen Whitmer sort would use a crisis to boost their own power isn’t surprising in the least. That’s just what those sorts of people do. The fact that they took advantage of this crisis in a particularly reprehensible sort of way might be shocking, but it’s certainly not surprising, especially to anyone who has studied history. That’s what government does; it seeks to expand its own power, especially when there’s a crisis.

However, the particular depths of totalitarianism to which they almost immediately plumbed are surprising. I thought that maybe they’d try to make their terms a bit longer, maybe crackdown on a business or two they didn’t like for “not being safe enough” or something similar, and, positively, use China’s obvious complicity in the matter as an excuse for a massive, Cold War level spending boost for the military and other institutions that could fight China. I didn’t think for a moment that we’d have year-long lockdowns, “vaccine passports,” and other things that seem straight out of The Gulag Archipelago.

Boy was I wrong, especially in terms of scale! Every petty tyrant and his brother used the situation to push a new regime on their subjects. Now we (or at least people in blue states, us red-staters are still free) have to deal with showing papers every time we want to eat at an indoor restaurant, sign forms and present papers to fly on a plane, listen to fools demand ever greater sacrifices that they themselves won’t make, and wear uncomfortable masks just to walk around. It’s theater, as it’s all useless, but tyranny nonetheless.

The thing I should have seen earlier is that these tyrants don’t just want power over you. Were that the case, they would have sought simply to expand their power in the typical ways. A wasteful spending program here, a new building or something there, and yet another committee composed of flabby guys and wine moms.

But that’s not all they want. Sure, they like those things, but the new programs and spending opportunities aren’t enough. No, they also want to lord it over you and watch you be forced to submit.

Why do you think small businesses had to shut down while big box stores got to remain open? It’s not just because they hate small businesses, although they do. It’s that they wanted to watch small business owners, traditionally independent people, have to submit to the yoke of government and sit and watch their business whither on the vine for no apparent reason. That’s what the sickos wanted and it’s what they got.

Why do you think we still have to wear masks? It might be partially because the midwits in charge think masks are effective, but that’s obviously not the whole story. The whole story is that they want to see you submit to their whims and something like a mask, something that shows you’re bending the knee every time you loop it around your ears, that gets them off.

These tyrants don’t just want power. No, they want to see you suffer under the weight of their power and submit to it despite that suffering. I didn’t realize they were so evil, so I did Nazi it coming. I thought they were just petty tyrants of the garden variety sort. What about you? Did you grasp their nature from the start? Comment below!

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By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.