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Epic: These Two Huge Wins against Mask Mandates Were Just Won in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia used to be a red state, back in the good ole days. Then DC got bigger, NoVa expanded along with it, and blue-staters flooded into man the bureaucratic apparatus and leftie institutions in DC, swarming into Northern Virginia like a plague of nosering-wearing locusts and turning the state blue.

As a result, the Old Dominion was poorly governed by nutty leftists for years, the only southern state to have to suffer under the tattoed, soy-filled thumb of leftist rule. Perhaps the boot grinding them beneath its heel had a rainbow flag on it.

In any case, much of that was swept away, at least for now, when Governor Youngkin was elected thanks to the utter meltdown on the pro-mask, anti-parent, shockingly pro-trans rapist left, which defended the indefensible while cracking down on the rights of average people. Oh, and BLM going wild and attacking the Old Dominion’s heritage probably didn’t help either.

With Youngkin in charge, the bad policies of his predecessors can be eradicated and replaced with the pro-parent, pro-liberty policies that voters elected him to enact.

That policy is behind the first anti-mask mandate won in the Old Dominion this week: Governor Youngkin, in a much-cheered ceremony, signed a law banning mask mandates in the Commonwealth of Virginia, saying:

Today we are reestablishing and restoring power back to parents. But we are also reestablishing our expectations that we will get back to normal. This is the path, this is the path. So thank you all for coming, and now we’re gonna do a little work.

According to Louder with Crowder, the law, SB 739, both “gives parents the choice as to whether their kids wear masks to school” and “mandates that in-person learning options are needed for schools to get credit for an appropriate amount of school days.” It will, however, not go into effect until March 1st.

So, now the obese teachers in the lazy leftist school unions actually have to show up to work to “earn” their living and they can’t snap at young students to put on a mask. That’s a great win, one that other red state governors need to recreate.

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But it all would have been for naught had the courts leaned the other way and allowed a mask mandate in Loudoun County, the epicenter of that leftist plague that turned Virginia blue.

Luckily, the ruling handed down by the courts was anti-mandate win #2 for the Old Dominion this week.

Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge James P. Fisher, asked to rule on a Loudoun Country mask mandate enacted to spite Governor Younkin, decided to grant an emergency injunction on the mandate, stopping it from going into effect and, for now at least, stopping the blue hairs from getting in Youngkin’s way and continuing to terrorize their students by demanding they wear masks at all hours.

Speaking about that decision in a press statement, Governor Yougkin said:

Today is a great day for Virginia’s parents and kids,” Youngkin said in a press release. “Not only did we pass a bipartisan bill empowering parents to opt-out of school mask mandates, but also the Loudoun Circuit Court reaffirmed parents’ rights to have a say in their child’s health, education, care, and wellbeing. We’re excited that Loudoun has reached this decision. Importantly, the court ordered that any disciplinary action against students who were punished for following their parents’ decision to remove their mask will be expunged from their records.

A great day it is. The blue plague unleashed on Virginia is finally being rolled back and the mask mandates are finally being defeated.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.