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We Live in Two Different Countries

Back in 2004, Obama gave a speech in which he said “We remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are and forever will be the United States of America.” Though I detest the man, it would be a lie to admit that it’s not a nice sentiment.

The problem was, it was a stupid point at the time and remains a stupid point today. While it would be nice if everyone in all of America’s different states could just get along (or, even better, live under sensible legal regimes), that’s not the case because sensible Democrats like Joe Manchin and Tulsi Gabbard aren’t in charge of blue states. Insane people like Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsom are. As a result, red states and blue states are two completely different countries.

And while Covid has exposed that divide, it’s been easily recognizable since the culture wars began. On every issue, from gun control to abortion, red states behave one way and blue states the other.

One side views abortion as the murder of children and does everything possible to limit access to procedures that murder babies. The other side proudly tweets that they just got their 19th abortion and reacts with rabid fury any time someone suggest that perhaps “convenience” isn’t a good excuse for murdering children.

One side has read the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and thus does as little as possible to limit access to firearms; constitutional carry, or at least “shall issue” laws, are the hallmarks of red states. The other states toss the Bill of Rights in the shredder and pass laws that limit what guns their citizens can buy, don’t issue concealed carry permits, and crack down with a vengeance on any otherwise law abiding citizens that own a prohibited firearm (but not gangbangers; they can do what they want in blue states).

When it comes to actual crimes, things like robbery, rape, and murder, the chasm is just as yawning. One side is tough on crime and locks people up for robbing, raping, or otherwise harming their fellows. The other side lets Soros prosecutors toss rabidly violent criminals out on the streets time and time again and protects the “right” of clinically insane homeless people to camp and shoot up heroin on the side of the street. One side protects businesses and law abiding citizens, the other protects rioters and thugs.

And, of course, there’s the Covid issue. Red states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia stayed relatively free. There might have been temporary shutdowns, but things quickly got back more or less to normal. Businesses stayed open and citizens weren’t oppressed by a Stalinist police state. Blue states went more down the full totalitarian path and crushed small businesses, smacked down anyone that didn’t wear a mask or get the Fauci ouchie, and are still acting insane.

And these aren’t “experiments in democracy.” It’s not like each and every individual state is pursuing its own path and testing out different policies. No, what we have is two competing blocks. Red states behave one way; blue states act in more or less the opposite manner.

That’s important; it means Americans are drifting into two opposing camps. We’re in not the “different states doing different things” situation those who preach federalism pretend we are. We’re in a cold war with red states pursuing one set of policies and blue states doing the exact opposite. Remember that and choose wisely when you determine which country you want to live in: red or blue, free or oppressed.

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.