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Twitter Interfered in the Election by Silencing the Trump Campaign and Censoring Conservatives


As I discussed in my article yesterday on the fact that Hunter Biden is corrupt, Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook have gone beyond the pale with what they did to silence discussion about the New York Post stories about Joe Biden’s lies and Hunter Biden’s corruption. In fact, by shutting down the Trump Campaign’s account for doing nothing other than tweeting out an article, I think that Twitter interfered in the election.

Article Summary: For those that don’t have time to read this full article on how Twitter interfered in the election, I will discuss in it what Twitter did to shut down discussion of the New York Post articles, how that affects free speech on the internet, and why it shows that Twitter interfered in the election, which is very illegal.

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What Twitter Did When the New York Post Articles Came Out Shows that Twitter Interfered in the Election:

When the New York Post articles on the Biden Crime Family came out, the internet was thrown into chaos. Details about the various plots and plans the Bidens were involved in were disseminated far and wide. Pictures of Hunter Biden smoking crack floated around the internet. The Biden Campaign was seriously hurt.

So, being the tyrants that they are, our Big Tech “Masters of the Universe” decided to intervene. They shut down accounts, made it impossible to share the article without getting your account locked, and did everything else possible to shut down discussion of details that might hurt the Biden Campaign.

But how specifically did they do that? What are the specific ways that Twitter interfered in the election? Here are three. I’ll give details about what happened first and then give my commentary on why what happened shows that Twitter interfered in the election:

1. Twitter Banned the Account of the White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany

After tweeting out a factually correct and ethically sourced news article, here’s what Kayleigh McEnany saw on her Twitter account:

twitter is interfering in the election, as shown by its locking of Kayleigh McEnany's account

Outrage followed, with tweets such as these blowing up Twitter:

twitter is interfering in the election, as shown by its locking of Kayleigh McEnany's account

2. Even More Egregiously, Twitter Locked the Trump Campaign Account, which Further Shows that Twitter Interfered in the Election

Similarly to Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump Campaign had its account locked because it shared something calling Joe Biden a corrupt liar. Here’s proof that happened and a few tweets that provide further details:

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Twitter is interfering in the election, as shown by it locking the Trump Campaign account

How can a private company get to determine what a political campaign can or cannot say? This is ridiculous and shows that Twitter effectively made a donation to the Biden Campaign, which is illegal.

3. Twitter Locked Thousands of Conservative Accounts Simply for Sharing an Article

On October 14th, the day the first article about how despicable and corrupt the Biden family is came out, Twitter did its best to shut down any discussion of that article.

For example, Jack Posobiec, a conservative commentator, was locked out for sharing information on Hunter Biden:

Similarly, the account of Dana Loesch was also locked because she shared the New York Post article:

James Woods’s account was also locked during the Great Twitter Purge, as were the accounts of thousands of other, lesser-known conservative Twitter users. That is a horrible precedent and shows that Twitter interfered in the election.

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My Thoughts on Why Twitter’s Locking of the Accounts of James Woods, Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump Campaign, and Thousands of Others Shows that Twitter Interfered in the Election

The Terrifying Nature of Big Tech’s Influence:

Imagine, if you will, that you saw a news story saying that the Belorussian government prevented dissidents from speaking out. Or you heard on Fox or OANN that China had locked the social media accounts of someone critical of the regime. How would you respond? Perhaps with outrage, furious at the idea of a state entity shutting down freedom of speech and engaging in censorship? I know that’s how I would respond.

Now, step back and look at this situation. How is Twitter’s silencing and censoring of conservatives any different than China’s silencing of dissidents? Sure, Twitter won’t send armed goons after you if you speak out and say something with which its censors disagree, but it will prevent you from making any comments in the future.

Yet worse, Twitter, a private company, is now able to interfere with elections and potentially swing election results. That should be terrifying to everyone who stands against corporatism. You should be terrified of the fact that Twitter interfered in the election.

Even during the Gilded Age, the peak of corporate power in America (up till now) a single corporation couldn’t swing a national election. If they could have, they would have, but they didn’t. Nowadays, tech companies have more power than ever. Both Google and Twitter are trying to swing the election in favor of Biden and it is looking increasingly likely that they will. Google, for example, likely has the ability to swing up to 12 million votes by tinkering with its search algorithms. When elections are won or lost by a few thousand votes, that is terrifying and shows the effect that the “masters of the universe” have.

And that ability to shape the news isn’t all that should be scary about this revelation that Twitter interfered in our election. Conservatives should also be worried by the fact that a few companies can shape and censor the news. If they control what we hear and read, how do we know that what we are reading and hearing is true, especially if only the fake news media sites are allowed to post?

twitter is interfering in the election, as shown by its censoring of the New York Post story

How Twitter Broke the Law and Interfered in the Election

Yet worse, it is brazenly obvious that Twitter interfered in the election. Unlike Google, it’s not even trying to hide its party affiliation. With its banning of conservative accounts, especially the accounts of Kayleigh McEnany and the Trump Campaign, Twitter probably gave an in-kind donation to the Biden Campaign, which is illegal. In the United States, companies can’t donate directly to a campaign. Yes, they can donate to PACs, but they cannot donate to campaigns.

And by helping out the Biden Campaign, by stifling discussion of any news that might have hurt it and by banning accounts of those that were trying to highlight that news, Twitter likely gave an in-kind donation to Biden’s campaign, which is highly illegal.

Now, you’d need to get a good lawyer to make those arguments. I certainly can’t do them justice. But, what I’m saying is, at its root, true. Twitter interfered in the election and broke the law by doing so. That’s why Ted Cruz is dragging Jack Dorsey up to Capitol Hill next Friday. He has hell to pay for what his company did.

trump 2024 flag

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twitter is interfering in the election, as shown by the CCP-style censorship


Twitter interfered in the election. It is trying to shape both what news we hear and what the outcome of the election between Biden and Trump is. That should frighten conservatives.

With its immense power, Twitter has shown that it can silence the White House, silence commentators and pundits on one side, hide news with which it disagrees, and, in effect, destroy the public square.

And that’s what conservatives need to keep in mind when discussing the fact that Twitter interfered in the election. Twitter is not just a private company. It can’t be treated the same as McDonald’s or HP. It needs to be treated as a utility provider, which it basically is, or as a public square. It has created the public square of the 21st Century and needs to be regulated as such.

Otherwise, we’ll just keep having to deal with this problem. Twitter interfered in the election this time and will keep doing so for as long as we let it. It will ban and shadowban conservative accounts, prevent Republicans from speaking out, and try to shape electoral outcomes.

We need to find ways to stop that from happening. Perhaps repealing Section 230 would help. Perhaps regulating Twitter as a utility rather than a normal company would help. But, whatever solution is chosen, something has to be done.

I hate regulation, as you’d probably guess from my article on the American Creed. But, in this circumstance, now that we’ve seen that Twitter interfered in the election, we need to regulate Twitter and prevent it from destroying America. Otherwise, free speech could disagree forever as tech companies could increasingly determine what we can say and when.

If you want freedom from the tech tyrants, vote for Trump and for Republicans so that we can start to reduce the power of the Big Tech companies that are the enemies of freedom.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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